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Florida teacher under investigation for bullying FFA students

A Florida teacher may lose his job after bullying FFA students about raising livestock. According to the Orlando Sentinel, middle school science teacher Thomas Roger Allison Jr., 53, has been placed on unpaid leave from Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks near Ocala, following statements the teacher made about FFA students being “murderers” because they raised livestock for slaughter.

Following a 10-day investigation and dozens of accusations from teachers, students, and parents, Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier filed an eight-page termination request. Maier wrote that Allison “has engaged in a repeated, egregious pattern of mistreating, ridiculing, insulting, intimidating, embarrassing bullying and abusing FFA students, crushing their dreams and causing them to feel that they must discontinue FFA activities to enjoy a peaceful school environment.”

The AP reported that Allison, a finalist for the 2016 Golden Apple Teacher of the Year, told investigators he won’t stop speaking out on animal slaughter and said he is innocent.

His case is pending a hearing before the school board.

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Shark Farmer podcasts with Chad Ingels

Rob Sharkey (aka Shark Farmer) talked this week with Chad Ingels — who goes in depth about how wonderful life is raising two children with Down syndrome. Ingels talks about the total experience, from fear to pride, and why he openly shares pictures on social media. Plus, cover crops and sitting on boards of directors.

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Biegel: Wisconsin cranberry farmer to NFL draft

If you’re a Wisconsin Badger fan and keeping up with the 2017 NFL Draft, you are probably anxiously awaiting for two-time all-conference pick Vince Biegel to take the stage. Football runs in Biegel’s blood. His father, Rocky, played linebacker at BYU while his uncle T.D. was a fullback for the Cougars. Vince’s grandfather, Ken, played Division III ball and was a Wisconsin and national high school hall of fame coach.

But many people might not realize Biegel’s second passion is cranberry farming. Check out this fifth generation farmer’s journey from the cranberry marshes of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to the 2017 NFL Draft.

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