Shark Farmer: Jodi DeHate, ag has your back

Podcast published : February 20, 2018

Jodi Dehate has been around agriculture her whole life. Listen to how that helped her through divorce and loosing a job. Please visit my advertiser: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

What The Farm Podcast - Sinful talk about sin tax

Podcast published : February 19, 2018

Well we've got a new name: What The Farm Podcast Lesley and I discuss sin taxes... but it leads into a rant about PETA Read more at http://farmruralag.libsyn.com/#Ll3hTWyPKdAOPQ7m.99

Talking Biotech: Disease Resistant Bananas

Podcast published : February 17, 2018

The Cavendish banana is the standard banana of commerce, yet it is under threat by a devastating disease that is spreading quickly around the world. Dr. James Dale and his team have identified a banana resistance gene that confers resistance to the disease, and they have shown that it can fortify otherwise susceptible plants.

Farmer to Farmer: Angie Raines and Miles Okal on Rice, Dried Beans, and Diversified Vegetables on a Small Farm

Podcast published : February 15, 2018

Angie Raines and Miles Okal raise diversified vegetables, rice, and dry beans at South Wind Produce in Rougemont, North Carolina. With sales at five weekly farmers markets plus wholesale sales to restaurants, they have built a viable business in a short amount of time.

AFBF: Net Farm Income Projected to Drop

Podcast published : February 15, 2018

The forecasted drop in net farm income means farmers and ranchers will again face tight margins this year. Micheal Clements has more.

Future of Agriculture - Farmgate Blockchain Applications

Podcast published : February 14, 2018

Emma Weston is the CEO and one of the founders of AgriDigital, a commodity management company that combines advanced technical and industry expertise with aesthetic design and intelligent systems to develop seamless solutions to complex logistical, risk, customer management, and commodity issues in the agricultural sector. Emma leads the company’s business strategies, investor engagement, and their own Blockchain and talent management. She also has responsibilities in sales and operations.

Shark Farmer: Luke Lauritsen.... not Lichtenstein

Podcast published : February 13, 2018

Luke Lauritsen was that typical farm kid. Listen as he talks transitioning to sales and bullying. Please visit our advertiser: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

The Farmer and the City Girl - WTF does a farmer look like

Podcast published : February 12, 2018

So Costco put this farmer on a magazine and some farmers were annoyed he looked to much like a hick.... so wtf does a farmer look like?

NCBA Ramps Up 'Fake Meat' Advocacy Efforts

Podcast published : February 9, 2018

Fresh off the release of NCBA's 2018 Policy Priorities, members in Phoenix passed official policy designed to protect consumers and the beef industry from fake meat and misleading labels. The resolution will inform advocacy efforts as NCBA ramps up the fight against imitation meat and franken-foods inside the Beltway.

No-Till Farmer: Finding and Fixing Nutrient Imbalances in No-Tilled Crops

Podcast published : February 8, 2018

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Yetter Manufacturing Company, we welcome Neal Kinsey, a fertility expert and agronomist from Charleston, Missouri who will examine the findings from seven soil samples in various geographic regions, soil types and crop rotations.