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Need some farm chore relief? Try dancing

· February 24, 2017

As we found Thursday in our Ag on Instagram, sometimes the best way to get through the farm chores is a little dancing.  Now not everyone may have the moves like the beloved barn dancer from New York, but the dancing sure puts a smile on our faces.  Check out this dairy farmer who just […]

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Friday Favorites: Top five AGDAILY stories Feb. 17- 23

· February 24, 2017

The top five AGDAILY stories of the week … here’s a chance to look back at the action. The Farm Babe lists her eight not-so-farmer-friendly food companies,  How Farms Work explores the long term implications with no TPP, and we test your livestock breed IQ. Don’t miss a moment at AGDAILY. Sign up and push […]

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New YouTube channel to follow: Wyoming Ranch Family

· February 23, 2017

We found a promising new YouTube channel: Wyoming Ranch Family. When Erin’s step-dad’s health began to fail, she and her husband Mike left their lives in the corporate radio world and came back to the family ranch to help out.  When he passed away, they ended up running it along with Erin’s mom Rita. They quickly learned […]

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Texas Ag Commissioner approves feral hog pesticide

· February 22, 2017

In a motion to protect the state’s farming sector, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has approved the first pesticide targeting the feral hog. According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, approximately 2 million feral pigs call Texas home. Wild hogs can be found in approximately 230 of the 254 counties and bring an estimated $52 million […]

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Chicken Yodeler: The superhero you need

· February 22, 2017

OK, so we’re genuinely not sure what wacky, twisted person would come up with something like this … but it’s hard to look away. The music, the bad dubbing, the everything. And yes, we also realize that this isn’t exactly farm-related, though it does feature a farm animal (sort of) as s key superhero. The verdict, […]

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Sick Texas cotton grower gets some neighborly harvest help

· February 22, 2017

A recent Texas Farm Bureau video proved Texas farmers aren’t just neighbors, they’re family. When Collin Klattenhoff was on the mend from a recent Crohn’s Disease surgery, several farmers showed up to help Klattenhoff finish his harvest. The agricultural community came from as far away as 30 miles to volunteer their time, equipment, money, and […]

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SD soybean farmer chats GMOs on the soccer field

· February 22, 2017

The South Dakota Hungry for Truth initiative recently launched a new commercial aimed at a situation many farm moms face off the farm. The spot features Kimball, South Dakota soybean farmer Bradee Pazour talking to other moms about the safety of GMOs in their soccer snacks. Hungry for Truth is an initiative from South Dakota […]

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