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Acceleron unveils BioRise 2 Corn Offering for #Plant19


The Acceleron brand has launched a new biological seed treatment that packs a one, two punch. BioRise 2 Corn Offering contains two powerful technologies – Acceleron B-300 SAT and Acceleron B-360 ST.

“The numbers, as far as yield go, that we have seen from this dual product offering is 3.1 bushels in corn,” said A.J. Hohmann, U.S. Marketing Manager for Acceleron.

The product includes Penicillium bilaiae, which Hohmann says helps to break up minerally bound phosphate in the soil, making it more available to the crop. The product also contains a compound known as LCO that helps promote and enhance mycorrhizal colonization by attaching to plant roots and increasing the functional root volume.

Image by Ann Hess, AGDAILY

“With that increased functional root volume, that plant root has more ability to reach out and grab nutrients and moisture and to help enhance that crop’s potential,” Hohmann said.

BioRise 2 Corn Offering will be released nationwide across Monsanto seed hybrids Dekalb, Channel, and other regional brands. The offering complements the other products in the Acceleron portfolio, which provide protection against multiple threats.

“One of the great things with Acceleron is we have really tried to simply seed treatment,” Hohmann said. “Some of the feedback from growers and dealers across the country is how complicated seed treatment has tended to become with all the fungicides, insecticides … we think with one easy decision, a farmer choosing Acceleron will help take out a lot of that complexity that may come with other seed brands and ensure they are fully covered whatever the season may have in store.”

For growers considering the Acceleron brand for 2019, Hohmann said it’s really a one stop shop.

“Simple, easy, one decision, peace of mind, that’s what Acceleron can bring to the table,” Hohmann said.

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