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Kyber herbicide helps farmers manage resistant weeds


Corteva Agriscience launched a new crop protection product, a preemergence soybean herbicide with three effective modes of action, including a Group 15 active ingredient. Kyber herbicide, which will be available for the 2021 season, can be added to a program approach for broad-spectrum control of resistant broadleaf and grass weeds.

Kyber herbicide comes in a liquid premix. In addition to a Group 15 mode of action, it also contains active ingredients from Groups 14 and 5. The solution provides strong control of some of the toughest weeds farmers face, including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and common ragweed. Each mode of action in Kyber herbicide controls resistant weeds individually, and combined together, they provide a comprehensive solution. The herbicide also has extensive residual activity, lasting four to six weeks, even going beyond six weeks in the right conditions.

“We’re so excited to announce this product, because there’s clean and then there’s Kyber clean. By beginning a weed control program with Kyber herbicide, growers will be able to start the season clean by controlling weeds from day one,” said Aaron Smith, U.S. Product Manager, Soybean Herbicides, Corteva Agriscience. “The long-lasting residual activity in the solution will protect soybeans during that important, early growth stage until it’s time for a postemergence application. Young soybeans won’t have to compete for sunlight and nutrients with weeds.”

A program approach to weed control — which uses burndown, preemergence and postemergence herbicides with multiple, effective modes of action and long residual protection — is key to keeping fields clean and helping prevent development of resistant weeds. Kyber herbicide can be added to a program approach as a preemergence herbicide.

“Using several herbicide groups helps prevent weeds from becoming resistant to one specific mode of action in the future,” Smith explained, “What sets Kyber herbicide apart is that it allows for better long-term field management to help maximize yield potential, not just for one season, but into the future.”

For growers planting Enlist E3 soybeans, Kyber herbicide will fit in their weed management plans. Kyber will serve as a strong preemergence and can be followed by a planned postemergence application of Enlist Duo herbicide or a tank mix featuring Enlist One herbicide. The Enlist technology and Kyber herbicide offer a powerful program approach against troublesome weeds.

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