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Corteva announces new insecticide & herbicide


Corteva Agriscience revealed a new corn herbicide and new insecticide seed treatment planned for the 2022 season.  Lumiderm from Pioneer helps soybean growers protect the genetic potential of their seed investment against twice the damaging pests. In addition to Lumidrm, Resicore XL is a preplant, pre- and postemergence corn herbicide with three powerful modes of action. 

Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment

First, Lumiderm is a new insecticide seed treatment, containing a novel Group 28 insecticide mode of action, that shields soybean seedlings against twice the number of insect species when compared with Gaucho seed treatment, adding cutworms, white grubs, thrips,, and wireworms to the spectrum of control.

“Growers — especially those who prefer to plant early — want better protection from emerging pest pressure during the early critical growth stage,” said Brad Van Kooten, Pioneer Seed Treatment Category Leader. “Getting soybeans off to a strong start with less insect pressure is key to developing healthier root systems and fuller and more uniform plant stands; and helping to maximize yield potential.”

The new Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment provides additional advantages over Gaucho seed treatment, including a consistent 1 to 2 bushel/acre yield advantage in multi-year trials and an 8% reduction in plant stand gaps. In fields with a history of heavy insect pressure, Lumiderm also works well when paired with Gaucho seed treatment and other seed-applied products, adding a unique mode of action on bean leaf beetles, seedcorn maggots, and aphids.

In addition to growers who are focused on realizing higher soybean yield potential, Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment has a clear fit with growers who plant cover crops.

Resicore XL herbicide

Resicore XL herbicide is a preplant, pre- and postemergence corn herbicide with three powerful modes of action. The new product will offer increased crop safety and application flexibility on corn greater than 11-inches tall to control more than 75 of the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds. Resicore XL is a flexible solution designed to fit nearly any corn farmer’s weed control program. The product will be available upon obtaining U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration.

“We’re excited to continue to bring innovative products to the marketplace by announcing our newest corn herbicide today,” said Brandon Walter, U.S. product manager, Corn Herbicides, Corteva Agriscience. “Resicore XL is the next chapter in that innovation story — a game-changing corn herbicide that combines the weed control farmers trust with next-level application flexibility and crop safety.”

The new solution will elevate the farmer experience with enhanced features and benefits, such as, increased crop safety, a wider application window and greater tank-mix compatibility. 

Resicore XL will fit a wide variety of weed control and agronomic programs, because it can be applied preplant, pre- or postemergence on corn greater than 11-inches tall. Farmers will also have the option to customize their application rates. This flexible solution will give farmers power over weeds with three proven modes of action to control more than 75 of the toughest broadleaves and grasses, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail, and giant ragweed. 

Resicore XL is anticipated for EPA registration in 2022. To learn more, visit the Corteva website. 

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