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Enogen Feed: A win win for grain, cattle producers


As Duane Martin, Commercial Traits Lead with Syngenta likes to point out — 85 percent of corn growing in the U.S. stays in the U.S. and at least half of that is fed to livestock. So for livestock producers growing their own grain to feed their own cattle, it only makes sense to pick a corn hybrid that provides increased energy availability to cattle. That’s where Enogen Feed comes in.

“Enogen Feed grain and silage offers a step-change in starch and sugar availability in the digestive process,” Martin said. “By converting starch to sugar more efficiently and rapidly, it enables an increase in available energy.”

In addition to providing a benefit in the feed, Enogen Feed hybrids also offer benefits for crop production. With proven genetics and traits, Enogen Feed hybrids can deliver excellent in-field performance – equal to or exceeding that of other high-performing corn hybrids – with no additional agronomic management challenges unlike some silage-specific hybrids. Additionally, growers have the flexibility to chop for silage or harvest for grain.

We had the opportunity to visit with Martin recently to find out more about the new hybrids and why cattle producers growing their own corn should consider adding Enogen Feed to their rations.

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