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Nitrogen stabilizers increase yields and profits


Each year, you’re probably searching for ways to improve yields and get a higher return on the investment you’re making to grow crops. If you’re not already, protecting nitrogen is a good place to start.

Agronomists and growers alike have turned to nitrogen stabilizers to give their applied fertilizer more time to work into the soil, so plants have access to nutrients when they need them most. And one of the nitrogen stabilizers they’ve depended on for more than 25 years is AGROTAIN® from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch). But did you know there’s now something better?

ANVOL™ nitrogen stabilizer is the next-generation urease inhibitor from Koch. The longest-lasting protection against above-ground nitrogen loss, ANVOL is ready to help you optimize your yield potential and increase profits for your operation.

How it works

Like AGROTAIN, ANVOL features the same trusted active ingredient NBPT. But ANVOL has the added benefit of DUROMIDE, a Koch-patented second active ingredient that works in tandem with NBPT.

How they work together is the key to optimizing the amount of nutrients available for crop uptake:

  • NBPT blocks the hydrolysis of urea as soon as it’s applied.
  • DUROMIDE takes over to extend the window of protection offered by NBPT — giving fertilizer more time to incorporate in the soil.
  • A more robust molecule, DUROMIDE, also works in a wider range of soil environments.

Extended protection, even during challenging weather

One challenge you can always count on is the weather. Too much rain or not enough can steal nutrients from your fields. A large section of the country saw those types of conditions last year.

With ANVOL’s improved performance across a wider range of soil environments and DUROMIDE’s added longevity, nitrogen is moved into the soil and not lost to the environment — even when the weather does not cooperate.

Tim Laatsch is the technical agronomy manager for Koch and has been farming in Illinois for the past 20 years. And while weather can be unpredictable, he says the right urease inhibitors can make a big difference.

“Last year, many of us saw the most challenging weather conditions in a long time,” says Laatsch. “Growers who applied unprotected inputs saw their investments get lost to the environment. Weather like that shows you just how important a good nitrogen stabilizer is to your operation.”

Laatsch says ANVOL can benefit fellow growers.

“As growers, we’re always looking for the smartest ways to improve our nitrogen use efficiency,” says Laatsch. “AGROTAIN has been the industry standard to minimize volatilization for the past 25 years, but ANVOL is better. ANVOL will give growers the peace of mind that they’re getting the longest-lasting protection on the market and the most out of our fertilizer dollar.”

Performance in the fields

Results in the fields are what you want to see. ANVOL offers numbers even more impressive than the AGROTAIN growers have depended on for many years.

  • Studies conducted from 2016 to 2018 across multiple U.S. sites and soil conditions, showed ANVOL could maximize yields. ANVOL-treated urea had a 31 bu/acre yield advantage on corn over untreated urea.1
  • In a 2016 Louisiana State University rice trial, ANVOL reduced cumulative ammonia loss to 12 percent, compared to losses of more than 30 percent with untreated urea.2

Make the switch

For more than two decades, growers used AGROTAIN to give their crops the best protection against nitrogen loss, but now you know it’s time to switch. ANVOL’s dual-active ingredients are a powerful combo you can put to work in your fields this year.

Don’t wait through another year of unpredictable weather before you give your crops the best possible protection and jeopardize your profits. Speak with your KAS sales representative and switch to ANVOL today.


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1Based on sites responsive to nitrogen fertilizer and conducive to volatilization loss. The underlying data was provided by Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, University of Illinois, Pike Ag, LLC and 2Louisiana State University under Research Trial Financial Support Agreements with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Neither these institutions, nor the individual researchers referenced, endorse or recommend any product or service.
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