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Monsanto: New York Times GMO article misleading


Social media is a buzz on GMO crops after Monsanto took issue with a misleading New York Times article. Today the company responded in a blog, saying the reporter chose to cherry-pick data to argue that GMOs have failed to provide significant benefits, especially yield increases, to farmers in the United States.

Monsanto said the article also completely overlooked the benefits of GMOs for farmers in the developing world and how GMOs and other modern agricultural tools have helped accelerate the adoption of practices such as conservation tillage and no-till, which helps increase carbon sequestration in soil. The company said the article also made misleading claims regarding the use of pesticides on GMOs.

The agricultural giant, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was specifically disappointed because they had engaged with the reporter on multiple occasions over several months to provide interviews, background information, and recommendations of third-party experts and resources. Monsanto said much of the context was omitted from the article.

See the feed on Twitter below and check out the complete blog post here.

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