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National Corn Yield Contest opens with a new requirement


As farmers are out in the field planting corn, they are also looking ahead to harvest. They are adjusting and setting the planter to what they believe will give them the best yields. With those optimal yields brings the opportunity to celebrate and educate through the National Corn Growers Association’s National Corn Yield Contest. Entry for the contest is now open. 

Farmers across the country are joining the friendly competition, giving it their best, and hoping to top their personal best. NCYC entrants contribute to a pool of shared knowledge that helps all corn farmers in challenging years. 

The premier event of every corn growing season since 1965, the National Corn Yield Contest offers challenges and rewards to each entrant! In 2020, 7,844 growers accepted the challenge, enjoyed the friendly competition with fellow farmers and helped provide information that will lead to future innovations. 

This year, to add transparency and visual confirmation to high-yield entries, the contest requires a photo inclusion to be submitted online with the recheck yield results. For the 2021 Entry & Harvest Rule Book, along with information on changes this year and other resources, click here.

Important contest reminders:

  • Entry Forms must have been completed two weeks prior to entering your Harvest Forms (if you harvest before the final entry deadline date).
  • Please complete your harvest entry no later than two weeks after harvest, yet prior to harvest deadline of November 30.
  • Supervisor’s signature must appear on each electronically attached document:
    • Weigh ticket(s)
    • Harvest calculations document (number of rows harvested, length of each)

“Most of us know personally how true the adage about farmers having to be optimists can be. Entering the NCYC provides connection and competition while adding to the stockpile of knowledge for a rainy planting season — or any other obstacle we face,” said NCGA President John Linder. “So, I am throwing down the gauntlet. Good luck to every entrant and, in advance, thank you.”

Winners will receive national recognition in Progressive Farmer’s Best in the Field Winner’s Guide in mid-February. State winners will be honored at Commodity Classic in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the NCYC Breakfast and national winners receive awards at the evening Awards Banquet.  Trophies awarded for first-, second-and third-place entries in all classes and all states. Contest winners will be announced on December 15.

To enter, visit

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