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NCGA announces 2018 Yield Contest Winners


Corn growers nationwide achieved impressive yields despite weather-related adversity in the National Corn Growers Association 2018 National Corn Yield Contest.

The 18 winners in six production categories had verified yields averaging more than 349 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 178.9 bushels per acre in 2018. While there is no overall contest winner, yields from first, second and third place farmers overall production categories topped out at 477.6877 bushels per acre. Here are this year’s winners, including their field location, hybrid brand and number, and yield.

A: A Non-Irrigated

  1. Heath Cutrell, North Carolina, DEKALB DKC65-20 — 360.8030
  2. George Cutrell, Virginia, DEKALB DKC67-44 — 324.8530
  3. Jason Greenwell, Kentucky, Channel 218-44VT2PRIB — 319.6887

B: AA Non-Irrigated

  1. Kevin Kalb, Indiana, DEKALB DKC67-44RIB — 388.0654
  2. Jerry Reinhart, Illinois, DEKALB DKC64-34RIB — 345.6367
  3. Nikia Kalb, Indiana, DEKALB DKC67-44RIB — 343.2296

C: A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

  1. Drew Haines, Maryland, DEKALB DKC60-88RIB — 366.2872
  2. Bruce Huber, North Dakota, DEKALB DKC44-15RIB — 299.7807
  3. William Davis, Tennessee, AgriGold A6499 STX — 296.6741

D: AA No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

  1. Shawn Kalb, Indiana, DEKALB DKC70-27RIB — 343.0037
  2. John Ruff, Iowa, Pioneer P1366AM — 333.0866
  3. Brad Wehr, Indiana, DEKALB DKC67-44RIB — 331.1153

E: No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated

  1. Nolan Mills, Oregon, Pioneer P1366AM — 360.3356
  2. Roger Danz, Washington, Pioneer P0801AM — 354.2872
  3. Dean Harris, Oregon, Pioneer P0801AM — 343.2810

I: Irrigated

  1. Don Stall, Michigan, Pioneer P0574AM — 477.6877
  2. Mike Moyle, Idaho, Pioneer P1105AM — 351.1918
  3. Tommy & Valerie Cartrite, Texas, Pioneer P1828AM — 350.6258

“While participating in friendly competition, yield contest participants create and share information that shapes the future of the industry,” said Roger Zylstra, chair of NCGA’s Stewardship Action Team. “Contest winners, at the state and national levels, find innovative ways to help their fellow farmers excel in a variety of situations. Emphasizing innovation both from growers and technology providers, our contest enables us to meet the growing demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

The National Corn Yield Contest is in its 54th year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members. Winners receive national recognition in publications such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide, as well as cash trips or other awards from participating sponsoring seed, chemical and crop protection companies. The winners will be honored during Commodity Classic 2019 in Orlando, Fla.

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