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The reach and respect of the ‘Before The Plate’ documentary is growing

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Where can I see the movie? This is a question that has been coming almost on a daily basis through all channels since the August release of the food documentary “Before The Plate.”

Back in 2016 when the concept of Before the Plate was dreamed up, I never imagine there would be this many people interested in seeing the project. Fast forward to today, and “Before The Plate” is a documentary the ag community can be proud of — capturing the beauty of agriculture for one, but most importantly, for showing people who don’t farm what it is really all about. Happy moments, sad moments, and even a few chuckles, “Before The Plate” takes those who have never been on a farm before down the wild and crazy road that is today’s agriculture system.

Image courtesy of ‘Before The Plate’

To book a “Before The Plate” screening, follow this link.

Taking one plate of food from one of Toronto’s most famous restaurants, Canoe, and following each of those ingredients back to the very farms they came from. Leading the way is one of Canada’s top chefs, John Horne, who is the perfect character for this story. Curious, talented and a little rough around the edges, he leads the way for open dialogue between farmers and those who come from the city.

After playing at a handful of festivals across Canada, “Before The Plate” is now in the process of being submitted to more substantial online platforms where the masses can watch the movie right at home. With fingers crossed, all those who were involved in the project are waiting, hoping that this film can be in front of those who need to see it most.

Image courtesy of ‘Before The Plate’

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For now though, there is some good news for those who have asked how they can see the movie. We have opened up a community screening platform that allows community groups and organizations to host their own screening of “Before The Plate.” Simply request a screening on our website, and you are well on your way to organizing your own screening event in your hometown for all to see. Sell tickets, spread the word, invite your friends, family and community for a great night celebrating the world of farming and food. After releasing the platform, there have been over 80 requests for screening the film everywhere from New Zealand and Australia to across Canada and the United States.


“Before The Plate” is a food documentary produced by Dylan Sher that premiered August 5, 2018, in Toronto. To connect with “Before The Plate’s” journey, follow them on Facebook and on Instagram and hear first-hand from the filmmaker on

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