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Poncho/VOTiVO track record stretches across 40M acres


Bayer has released the latest data from their seed treatment product and the product just keeps on delivering. The results are in from its eighth year with more than 860 data sets showing Poncho/VOTiVO has an average yield advantage of 10 bushels per acre compared to commercial fungicide.

“Bayer takes pride in the technology we have in Poncho/VOTiVO,” says Greg Ginisty, Bayer product manager, in a recent release. “It’s the proven results of this technology that have built the trust that growers and seed company partners have in this product, which makes this the most trusted corn seed treatment year after year.”

Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatment protects young corn plants from pests during critical early development stages, leading to healthier root development and stronger stands. Poncho moves systemically within the plant to protect against above- and below-ground insects. VOTiVO creates a living barrier that grows within the roots to extend protection through multiple generations of nematodes. The plant-growth hormone that VOTiVO delivers to the plant increases yields even in the absence of nematodes – offering unique advantages compared to other seed treatments.

“In these economic times, growers should prefer to use something they know will work,” Ginisty says. “Poncho/VOTiVO provides that sustained track record of success, and growers still come back to it because it gives them what works.”

That track record is evidenced by the more than 40 million acres annually where Poncho/VOTiVO is used. According to Ginisty, Bayer is giving growers another reason to trust the seed treatment technology: the next generation of the seed treatment.

Across a three-year period, field trials in the US have shown Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 can increase yields by an average of 4 bu/A over Poncho/VOTiVO, or 14 bu/A more than commercial fungicide systems. The next generation seed treatment will bring new benefits to growers by increasing microbial activity in the soil and nutrient availability for the plant. Bayer plans to make 2.0 available for the 2019 planting season.

Poncho/VOTiVO is used on corn, soybean, sorghum, and cotton.

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