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Randy Dowdy breaks soybean yield world record


Randy Dowdy has just set the new world record for soybean yield at 190.23 bushels per acre using Hefty 49X7S. This surpasses his previous world record of 171 bushels per acre set in 2016.

“This bean has done nothing but impress us the last 3 years!” Darren Hefty said, “H49X7S is a bean that loves to be pushed with the right blend of fertility and management. Randy is just the guy to do that.”

H49X7S has a consistent track record of success in the Hefty Brand Soybean lineup. Dowdy used the same number to win the 2018 Georgia state soybean yield contest with 156.84 bushels, and Perry Galloway won third place in Arkansas in 2017 with 107.6 bushels.

The Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait offers great weed control, and the genetic characteristics of this variety really make it stand out for high-yield growers like Dowdy.

“Not only will H49X7S put on more pods per node than most, the seed size is often very large which contributes heavily towards yield,” Darren Hefty explained.

Dowdy and his team already knew the yield potential of this hybrid from their 2018 victory. Moving into this season, they paid special attention to seed treatments and made sure everything was in place as far as field management.

“The Hefty Complete Seed Treatment obviously has all the boxes checked – fungicide, insecticide, inoculant, and the 20-some odd extra ingredients. The proof is in the pudding,” Dowdy said.

This is Dowdy’s third year of growing Hefty Brand Soybeans and Corn. As Hefty Seed Company and Dowdy continue to work together to learn more about which numbers work best on his southeastern soil, they’re also committed to educating other growers about how to raise record-setting crops on their own farms. This is exactly what drives the goals of Next Level and working with Dowdy Crop Innovators – to teach from data and break the cloak of secrecy for motivated growers.

“We aren’t even coming close to the yield potential soybeans have on most acres. Our agronomists work with farmers across the country to overcome yield limiting factors and achieve higher levels of yield and profitability,” said Darren Hefty.

In partnership with RFD-TV, a special Rural America Live will air on Thursday, October 3rd at 7 pm Central hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty. During the one-hour show, Brian and Darren will be talking with Randy about his keys to success and some of the strategies he used throughout the season to reach this record.


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