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Upgrade your Sudden Death Syndrome protection with Saltro


As preparations continue for the upcoming growing season, growers are closely considering their input decisions.

In 2020, soybean growers have access to a new seed treatment for Sudden Death Syndrome protection. Saltro fungicide seed treatment received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration in September. Ongoing 2019 trials reinforced what five years of field development has shown — Saltro delivers a yield advantage over older technology through upgraded SDS protection and robust nematode activity, without causing early-season stress.

“Saltro has been a constant performer over years of trials, and it has proven to provide upgraded SDS protection in the lab and the field,” said Dale Ireland, Ph.D., technical product lead for Syngenta Seedcare. “In the field, we’ve seen consistently improved yields compared with ILEVO seed treatment, regardless of SDS pressure. Lab tests have proven Saltro provides more activity against SDS, even at lower levels of active ingredient. Saltro is nothing less than setting a new standard for plant safety and activity against SDS.”

Multiple years of Syngenta, university, and third-party field trials have confirmed the ability of Saltro to defend against SDS and nematodes without causing early-season plant stress. Specifically:

  • Across five years of trials throughout the U.S., Saltro provided an average 4 bushel per acre yield advantage over ILEVO. In 86 percent of those trials, Saltro delivered a yield increase over ILEVO.
  • In a 2019 University of Minnesota trial based in Rosemount, Minnesota, Saltro provided an average 16.9 bushel per acre yield increase over ILEVO and a 22.3 bu/A increase over the check.

In addition to delivering upgraded SDS protection, seed treatment also offers robust nematode activity, and it does both without plant stress. Growers can anticipate better plant stands, healthier leaves and more robust early-season root mass development to help maximize genetic yield potential. Across 30 Iowa trials in 2019, Saltro had an average of 10,300 more plants per acre than ILEVO.

“Saltro provides superior SDS protection without the stress, and that means growers won’t have to give up early-season plant health to get powerful SDS protection,” said Paul Oklesh, product lead for Syngenta Seedcare. 

By providing growers powerful SDS protection and strong nematode activity that promotes uniform emergence, Saltro demonstrates the commitment of Syngenta to accelerating innovation and addressing increasing grower challenges. Syngenta invests in technologies to bring about lasting change for sustainable agriculture, and Saltro is one of the latest new technologies to help growers improve their yield potential.

To learn more about upgrading your SDS protection in 2020, visit their website or talk to a Syngenta sales representative. 

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