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How a video series is helping connect farmers & legislators


In today’s society, farmers and ranchers make up less than 2 percent of the population. Since most of the population is at least three generations removed from the farm, it is now more important than ever to reach out and connect with those individuals. In an effort to connect farmers and legislators, the Illinois Soybean Association created the Life of a Soybean video series.

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood and the Illinois Soybean Association announced the Life of a Soybean video series, which will provide a behind-the-scenes educational look at the process of planting, growing, and harvesting soybeans. Hood’s 18th Congressional District of Illinois is the 10th largest district in terms of corn and soybean production.

LaHood said, “18th District farmers work hard each year to produce some of the world’s best products, and this will provide an educational look at why soybeans are important not only for use in food but to produce cleaner biodiesel products as well.”

The series will follow the life of a soybean at Ron Kindred’s farm in Atlanta, Illinois. The first Life of a Soybean video can be seen below, with the more to come in the future. 

Kindred and his wife, Jayne, talked to LaHood about spring planting progress and took the opportunity to speak with the Congressman about some of the issues weighing heaviest on Illinois farmers’ minds, including biodiesel, trade, and infrastructure.

“We thank the Congressman for his service and for his role as a leader for the farmers of the 18th district. We welcome him to our farm in Atlanta any time, and we look forward to having him in the combine at harvest,” says Kindred, also ISA board member and Government Relations Committee Chair.

LaHood serves on the Subcommittee on Trade for the Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful — and the oldest — committee in the House of Representatives. It has jurisdiction over tax measures, the management of public debt, trade and tariff laws, Social Security, Medicare, pensions, and many other economic growth measures.

This video series is a great example on how farmers reach out and educate others about our beloved industry. 

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