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7 best ag-related Super Bowl commercials in recent years


No one questions how lucrative the Super Bowl is for advertisers. It’s the year’s biggest televised event, and brands pay premium dollars to get their names front and center. Plus these brands get their creative juices flowing. That goes the same for the agricultural and food industries. Folks with a stake in agriculture — whether trying to sell something related to farming and rural life or trying to advocate for something important to farmers, the Super Bowl gets commercials that speak directly to us.

Ironically, for all the money that companies spend for 30 seconds at the Super Bowl, many of the best ads are teased ahead of time on YouTube. It seems YouTube is a place these ads can live forever, but sadly, seeing the ad in the week leading up to the Super Bowl takes some of the freshness out of the spot. Still, we’re glad that YouTube is a home to these commercials, so that they live on year after year after year. Who knows how many great agriculture-related Super Bowl commercials we’ve lost over the years before YouTube was invented.

The ones from the past 10 years or so are preserved on the platform, which means we can go back time and time again to see our favorites. And, by golly, are there some real gems there. We’ve found a handful of our favorites from recent years and brought them all together here. Scroll through this list to see which agriculture-related Super Bowl ads stand the test of time.

5 best ag-related Super Bowl commercials in recent years

Were there any amazing farming or ranching Super Bowl commercials that we left off? If so, we’d love to hear which ones! With so many years of Super Bowls and so many creative people in our industry, there are bound to be more great ones to share with our agricultural and food service communities.

Of course, too, not all ads are winners, and we’ve also got a list of some that rubbed the farming industry the wrong way.

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