Burgess on Books: ‘Farmer George Plants a Nation’


Burgess on Books is a monthly AGDAILY feature that spotlights a kids book perfect for your rural rugrat.

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“Farmer George Plants a Nation”
Author: Peggy Thomas | Paintings: Layne Johnson
Age range: 9-12 years

Most of us should know the history of our first president and how he came to be. However, do we see the other side of him? Growing up on the farm was a fond memory for a boy who became our first president — it never left his thoughts. He was an inventor and scientist, as well as a farmer and politician. He knew the importance of agriculture and how the changing tides of technology, crop rotation, fertilizing methods, and seeds brought from afar could help the new nation separate and become independent. My eldest learned so much from this book about how forward thinking and trying new things can help a community grow and ever evolve. This book shows these values.

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