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Farmer’s Daughter: Give game night with your friends some farming flair


Whether you’re at home on quarantine or you’re looking to celebrate a holiday like National Trivia Day, there are many things that make it the perfect night to con your friends into an agriculture-related game night!

Luckily for you, I’ve already designed the game.

Here’s how to play: Below are four rounds of questions. The higher the round, the more points available. Within each round there are five categories. Teams or players take turns picking a round and category to test their agricultural knowledge. The team or player with the most points win.

Round 1 (each correct answer is worth one point)

Animal Ag: True or false — Federal law prohibits the use of hormones in poultry and pigs? (Answer: True)
Crops: What is the most commonly used grain? (Answer: Wheat)
Sustainability & Technology: Genetically-modified foods were responsible for how many deaths in 2017? (Answer: Zero)
Economy & Regulation: Agriculture provides what percentage of jobs to the U.S. economy? (Answer: 10 percent)

Round 2 (each correct answer is worth two points)

Animal Ag: On average, how long does it take for milk to travel from the cow to the grocery store? (Answer: Two days)
Crops: How many seeds does the average strawberry have? (Answer: About 200)
Sustainability & Technology: True or false — self-driving tractors are about 10 years from development? (Answer: False. They already exist.)
Economy & Regulation: When writing rules to implement mandatory GMO-labeling laws, what term did the USDA use to describe these foods? (Answer: Bioengineered)

Round 3 (each correct answer is worth three points)

Animal Ag: True or false: Nutritionally, brown eggs are higher in protein than white eggs? (Answer: False. Nutritionally there is no difference between them.)
Crops: How many calories are in the average acre of soybeans? (Answer: Six million)
Sustainability & Technology: Name three reasons farmers might employ drones on their farm. (Answer: drought assessment, yield monitoring, nitrogen recommendations, even crop-health monitoring, assessing soil-nutrient levels)
Economy & Regulation: What branch of the USDA oversees the organic label? (Answer: Agricultural Marketing Service)

Round 4 (each correct answer is worth four points)

Animal Ag: How many pounds of milk are required to make one pound of cheese? (Answer: 10)
Crops: Modern corn is descended from what wild grass plant? (Answer: Teosinte)
Sustainability & Technology: Corn is turned into roughly how many different products? (Answer: Over 4,000)
Economy & Regulation: What percentage of the U.S. population are farmers and farm families? (Answer: Less than 2 percent)

Good luck! And please let me know how it goes when you challenge your friends.


Amanda Zaluckyj blogs under the name The Farmer’s Daughter USA. Her goal is to promote farmers and tackle the misinformation swirling around the U.S. food industry.

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