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Q&A with HumaneWatch — a pro-farmer advocate and Super Bowl advertiser


They may not wear capes to work or have vehicles that can convert from a car to a plane in an instant, but the folks at HumaneWatch subscribe to the superhero-like task of battling the misinformation and anti-agriculture stance of the Humane Society of the United States (please, don’t link this national group with your local humane shelters — there’s no meaningful connection between the two).

On Thursday, HumaneWatch released a sneak peek at a commercial that will have a limited airing prior to the Super Bowl, a video that has since gone viral. AGDAILY caught up with Will Coggin, who serves as Director of Research at the Center for Consumer Freedom, the umbrella group for HumaneWatch and other watchdog sites. Before reading our Q&A below, check out the Super Bowl ad:

AGDAILY: Tell us a little about how the commercial originated and the inspiration for using the Super Bowl to spread it?

COGGIN: We first released “Lawyers in Cages” as a longer web video a few years ago, and it was extremely popular. Based on that, we decided it would be a good candidate to run during the Super Bowl.

AGDAILY: Were any lawyers hurt in the filming of this commercial?

COGGIN: No Lawyers Were Harmed.®

AGDAILY: The Center for Consumer Freedom and HumaneWatch have made several consumer-targeted videos going after PETA and HSUS. What kind of approach have you found works the best to share your message?

COGGIN: Humor is often the best approach. “Lawyers in Cages” works because so many people have seen HSUS’s commercial that we’re parodying. But our hard-hitting “Consumer Alert” ad also has done very well.

AGDAILY: Is the Super Bowl the biggest stage you’ve ever done something like this? Is social media your typical outlet?

COGGIN: We typically do social media. On TV, we have done a number of cable buys on Fox News in the past, and we did the Oscars last year, but the Super Bowl is definitely our biggest platform. Given the tone of our ad and the nature of Super Bowl commercials, we hope it’ll be a hit.

AGDAILY: Do you know exactly what time Sunday the commercial will air?

COGGIN: It’ll air in the D.C. area during pre-game — probably in the neighborhood of 5:45 Eastern. I believe it’s pre-game. And we’re doing national social media throughout the game as well. Those who aren’t in the area can still see the ad on our site or Facebook.

AGDAILY: If I’m a rancher donating to help the lawyers in your latest video, can I get any of that money back once those lawyers put me out of business?

COGGIN: Good luck!


Be sure to check out HumaneWatch and the Center for Consumer Freedom on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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