10 of the best FFA memes & jokes on the internet


Who doesn’t love a corny FFA joke? When I stumbled upon Farm Babe’s best ag jokes, I thought FFA needed its own round up of memes and jokes. So, I tracked down a few of the best agriculture and FFA memes on the internet. Everyone could use a little laugh and a refresh on their newsfeed with a fresh set of FFA memes. Everything from tallywackers (the FFA jacket zipper) to feelings only FFA advisors and members can relate to, this list is sure to cause a chuckle. 

1. No matter what temperature it is at National Convention, everyone is sporting official dress. There is just one problem, often the jacket makes the heat hotter and the cold colder. Can you relate?  


2. Hopefully you have seen the movie The Incredibles to enjoy this perfectly crafted meme. 

3. FFA members from across the country can relate to the meme below. Although, I don’t know if enough time has passed for this to be funny, and not painful. But it is 100 percent true. 

4. Anyone who has “volunteered” for a contest only to be told they are already signed up. Some ag teachers are sneaky like that. 😉

5. When you know, you know. 

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6. Speaking of FFA advisors, they are pretty good at encouraging their students to grow, even when they don’t like it. Public speaking is kind of like going to the dentist — few people want to go, but they are glad they did after the appointment is over. 

7. Most FFA advisors and student leaders in FFA can relate to this meme. When you know, you know — that is all I am going to say. 

8. When dealing with students, they can often see right through teachers and know exactly how to touch their last nerve. Add into the fact that FFA advisors spend a lot of time with their members, this meme probably hits home for many FFA advisors and ag teachers.

9. Dwight really has a way with words. Even though winning isn’t everything, we can sometimes get wrapped up when things don’t go our way. 

10. If you have ever taken a basic soils class, you can connect to this bird on a personal level. You can no longer hear soil described as “dirt” without correcting that individual right away. 

Similarly, did you see our list of the the best FFA Tiktoks? If not, you can check that list out here. For example, the mullet fascination is currently very popular in FFA. 


National Convention has the best mullets around 😂 ##blueandgold ##ffa ##ffaconvention ##mullet

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Although the National FFA Organization is a very serious organization, FFA members also know how to crack a good joke and enjoy themselves. 

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