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Domino’s & FFA to ‘deliver’ sustainable ag education to students


The National FFA Organization works with different companies to help elevate the goals and the reach of the organization. In recognition of its support of the agriculture industry, Domino’s is announcing the beginning of a new five-year, $1.5 million commitment to the National FFA Organization. Domino’s Pizza understands there wouldn’t be any pizza to deliver without farmers — and young people pursuing careers in agriculture. 

The commitment, which begins this year and will continue through 2026, will fund agriculture experience grants, collegiate scholarships, educational resources on sustainable agriculture and other sustainable agriculture initiatives. The sustainability-related educational resources will include lesson sets and training for educators and learning modules for students. Content will focus on topics like climate change, water conservation, soil health, waste management, and the United Nations sustainable development goals.

“The work done by the National FFA Organization delivers a significant difference to its members, and its impact goes beyond the students, as the agriculture industry touches nearly every industry and neighborhood,” said Jenny Fouracre-Petko, Domino’s spokesperson. “We know without farmers, we wouldn’t have pizza to serve. Supporting the future of the agriculture industry is a key piece of Domino’s stewardship strategy.”

Image courtesy of Domino’s Facebook

In December 2021, Domino’s released its inaugural stewardship report announcing its decision to set and reach Science Based Targets to improve its environmental footprint, and committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Domino’s believes advancements in agriculture will be key to achieving these ambitious and critical goals.

“Domino’s is focused on promoting the long-term resiliency of farmers through its relationships with groups like the Dairy Sustainability Alliance and, of course, FFA. We look forward to seeing what the next five years look like, not just for Domino’s and FFA, but the agriculture industry as a whole,” said Fouracre-Petko.

Domino’s has supported the National FFA Organization since 2017, when it began a five-year, $1 million commitment.

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