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National FFA Organization announces National Chapter Award


Chapters from across the country were in attendance for the second general session on Thursday to hear the winners announced for the National Chapter Award.  The National Chapter Award program recognizes outstanding FFA chapters that actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization. These chapters improve chapter operations using the National Quality FFA Chapter Standards and a Program of Activities that emphasizes growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture.

Chapters are rewarded for providing educational experiences for the entire membership. The winning chapters received a plaque in an onstage ceremony during the convention’s second general session on Thursday, Oct. 25

Model of Excellence Winner — Marshall FFA of Missouri

For the second year in a row, Marshall FFA of Missouri been a top chapter in the nation. Marshall FFA has been named the 2018 National FFA Model of Excellence winner at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

Marshall FFA knew that another Avian Flu outbreak could cost the industry millions so the chapter worked with the state’s conservation department to help monitor migratory waterfowl with testing. Members were educated on how to test and the importance of testing, while providing hunters with the information on the flu.

To kick off deer season, chapter members hosted a dinner and silent auction to raise scholarship funds. Members realized that community support was vital to their personal growth through interaction at this event. Additional skills learned through the event include financial responsibility and communication.

Premier Chapter: Growing Leaders Winner — Hope FFA of Indiana

Hope FFA of Indiana has been named the 2018 National Premier Chapter: Growing Leaders winner at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

Hope FFA, in conjunction with the school’s administration, kicked off a “Go Live Yourself” campaign after noticing a rise in sensationalizing of suicides. After overhearing overhanded remarks in regards to suicides, members realized it was time for a culture change and rose to action.

A school convocation encouraged students to be better friends, partners and leaders. After the activity, student body members learned coping strategies and how to help themselves and others. With a challenge of being able to “Live,” knowing others felt pain or shared pain the chapter encouraged everyone to find peace and help each other.

Premier Chapter: Building Communities Winner — Goreville FFA of Illinois

Goreville FFA of Illinois has been named the 2018 National Premier Chapter: Building Communities winner at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

Goreville FFA members wanted to make the connection of FFA membership and military service and develop the idea of a “Living to Serve” book that featured stories of community members. Members interviewed and wrote stories featuring 20 veterans from three wars, sought out financial support to publish the book, and created a book signing event to celebrate its publishing.

The veterans were able to share stories and life lessons while the members learned valuable writing and communication skills. The chapter was able to print 200 books and was able to share the stories with community members of all ages.

Premier Chapter: Strengthening Agriculture Winner — Chapman FFA of Kansas

Chapman FFA of Kansas has been named the 2018 National Premier Chapter: Strengthening Agriculture winner at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

Chapman FFA celebrated 100 years of the school’s agricultural education program with a daylong celebration. By partnering with the alumni chapter and spreading the word throughout the community, students learned of the reach and impact agricultural education has had on its community. Alumni traveled from miles away as the groups reflected on the benefits of agricultural education.

The past members had the opportunities to bond with classmates, listen to keynote speakers and look at decades of FFA memorabilia. Current members were able to showcase their supervised agricultural experience programs, network with alumni, and see the impact FFA has had on so many associated with the chapter.

Middle School Model of Excellence Winner — West Jackson Middle School FFA of Georgia

West Jackson Middle School FFA of Georgia has been named the 2018 National FFA Middle School Model of Excellence winner at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

The West Jackson Middle School FFA created the Ag Market Product sale to encourage entrepreneurship and career readiness for its members. Students learned about product development, marketing and money management. Local community members had the opportunity to purchase these items, as members learned business management skills.

During National FFA Week, members raised more than $1,300 that purchased food and personal items for the community West Jackson members also worked with Habitat for Humanity, taught fourth and fifth graders about agriculture and restarted the school’s recycling project.

Congratulations to the winning chapters and for the chapters that competed as well. Every positive action we can bring to this world is bettering our communities. 

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