If FFA was an episode of ‘Parks and Rec’


I know I’m not the only one who has Netflix favorites they watch on repeat. For me, the order goes Friends (RIP To Friends on Netflix — you may be gone, but not forgotten), The Office, and Parks and Rec. These three classics are relatable — no matter where you are at in life. While they have a lot in common, there is plenty that makes each unique. So while I rewatched Parks and Rec for the 16th time, I wondered how it could relate to FFA.

If you have never watched Parks and Rec before, I highly recommend it. The TV show started in 2009, and immediately had a strong audience. Everything from a strong female lead (Leslie Knope would have definitely celebrated strong women on International Women’s Day) to hilarious characters we all can relate to. The Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department is similar to FFA in a lot of ways, but both organizations reiterate the fact that you need a great team to get the job done.

What moment do you relate to most with FFA?

When we first start on our FFA journey, we may not know what we are doing, but we are trying our best. At first everything can be overwhelming, but once you get the swing of things, you become more confident and more knowledgeable.

We might not love all meetings, but we all love pizza. Chapters will entice the masses with pizza. Just remember that the officer team is working hard to facilitate every meeting with important information for the whole chapter.

An important aspect of FFA is allowing students to compete in different Career Development Events. Competitions are hard work! Not only are you working hard in school, but you are also studying for your specific CDE. Give yourself a break before you go to compete. Don’t let the nerves get to you, just remember how much you have prepared for this event.

When you finally put your hard work to the test and compete for the first time, it is time to #TreatYoSelf! For example, visit the nearest Culver’s — which also supports the National FFA Organization’s mission, so it is a win-win. 

On top of studying for competitions and juggling your time, we can’t forget about showing livestock. This takes a lot of prep time and a lot of hard work. When you have a whole weekend of showing, doing homework on “down time,” helping the younger kids, and then waking up early on Monday to do a before school activity, it can be really tiresome. Leslie perfectly sums up a busy weekend of showing livestock. 

After all that hard work, there is something special when your ag teacher says they are proud of you. –

However, when it is all said and done, you know you have accomplished so much and would never change your experiences for the world. You can now go out into the world confident that you can tackle anything you put your mind to. Don’t take these moments for granted, one day you just might miss this time in your life. 


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