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FFA members have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving


During Thanksgiving, FFA members, their advisors, and supporters use this time to give thanks. As we gather around the table to fill our hearts with gratitude and our plates with turkey, we take this opportunity to remind ourselves of the many things we have to be thankful for. In addition to family and friends, FFA members have something extra to be thankful for — their time in the National FFA Organization

While you might not think of Thanksgiving as an FFA holiday, the two absolutely go hand in hand. Check out the acronym for Thanksgiving with FFA terms: 

T — Technology in ag 

Technology in agriculture is ever evolving. We have come a long way in the past 30 years; can you imagine what the future will be like? These FFA members will lead the way in exploring and designing the future of technology in agriculture. 

H — History

The history of the National FFA Organization officially began in 1928 with the first National FFA Convention being held in Kansas City, Missouri. Thirty-three delegates from 18 states were represented. Learn more here.

A — Agricultural Education

Agricultural education is the basis of the National FFA Organization. Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers while at the same time leaving a lifetime of knowledge about agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems.

N — National FFA Convention & Expo

The FFA experience reaches an all time high during the National FFA Convention & Expo. For many FFA members, this will be the highlight of their time in FFA. Memories are made that will last a lifetime while also meeting FFA members from across the country. 

K — Knowledge 

FFA members will receive a lifetime of knowledge of all things technology, STEM, agriculture, business, science, and so much more! Not only do they learn about these subjects, but they are also tested on the history of the National FFA Organization. 

S — Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)

Supervised Agricultural Experiences are work-based learning opportunities. A supervised agricultural experience is required for all FFA members and serves as a great way to apply classroom principles in the real world. FFA members are able to pick their own SAE in an effort to follow their passion. 

G — Greenhand

The National FFA Organization has different degrees for members to earn. The Greenhand degree is given to first-year high school students who have demonstrated they have a thorough understanding of the history and purpose of FFA and have an SAE plan. 

I — I believe in the future of ag… 

“I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds.” These famous words are the beginning of the FFA Creed. For many FFA members, this is their first assignment, to memorize the creed. The history of the FFA Creed is one that should be remembered and taught for years to come. 

V — Vision

The National FFA Organization’s vision is to provide “the next generation of leaders who will change the world.” For over ninety years, the organization has been focused on this vision and constantly striving to support its members and their communities. 

I — Internships

Many FFA members have found internship opportunities through the large pool of FFA Alumni. Being an active FFA member has its perks on a resume. 

N — National FFA Emblem

Is there anything more iconic than the National FFA Emblem? The National FFA Emblem consists of five symbols, along with the words “Agriculture Education” and “FFA,” to tell the history, goals, and vision of the organization. The five symbols are the cross-section ear of corn, rising sun, plow, owl, and eagle. Learn more about them here

G — Gold 

Corn gold that is. The official colors of the National FFA Organization are National Blue and Corn Gold. As the blue field of our nation’s flag and the golden fields of ripened corn unify our country, the FFA colors of national blue and corn gold give unity to the organization.

So while FFA members have a lot to be thankful for, we hope they remember the blessing that is the National FFA Organization.

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