How FFA members are putting a positive spin on this pandemic


Although we have made it through the first week of May, it seems like we should be a lot further along. During this time, FFA members have had to deal with a lot — everything from cancelled CDEs to end of the year school closures. However, students are also taking the negatives and spinning them into positives. FFA members are constantly staying innovative and looking for the positives in life. It is going to take more than a global pandemic to drop the spirits of FFA members. 

Check out the common feelings below that have a silver lining to them.  

I wish I could attend State Convention in real life … but since I am not, I was able to participate in my state’s first ever virtual convention. 

Many states have used online resources to continue the State Convention experience. For example, the New York FFA Association and their State Officers prepared two weeks full of workshops and events for its members. Members are able to watch on social media and engage through virtual workshops. Even though they couldn’t conduct the original State Convention, they have done a great job implementing the virtual one. 

I miss running around and staying busy with FFA events, but since I am not I have been able to be home more and help my family. 

Everyone seems to miss that “busy” feeling lately. We are not used to having this much time on our hands. However, FFA members are especially missing out as this semester is always packed with fun events and bus rides. One bonus of this stay at home shelter has been the increase in quality family time. Some of my favorite photos from the quarantine have been family game nights over zoom and watching the young kids help at chore time. 

I wish my chapter could carry out our originally planned community service, but instead we were able to get creative and help our community during this pandemic. 

For example, in Indiana the Western Boone County FFA kicked off “Milk & Meat for Boone County.” The FFA chapter purchased milk, beef, and pork from Indiana businesses at discount prices to help farmers. The chapter then supplied the protein to the Caring Center and Western Boone’s food pantry and provided donations for more than three months in hopes of meeting increased needs. The students — who originally hoped to raise $7,500 — raised $17,000 to address food insecurity in Boone County while helping local farmers!

Even though I wasn’t able to complete my SAE as planned, the current pandemic brought an extra interest to it. 

One for sure outcome of this pandemic is the increase in interest in the ag industry, and FFA members have seen the same. For example, students with SAEs dealing with chicken or eggs have seen an increase in interest from those in their communities. As more people have shown interest in either growing or providing their own produce, locally grown eggs have also increased in popularity. FFA members stand out as a reputable and knowledgeable resource during these times. 

While students are handling their responsibilities as best they can during this pandemic, they are also trying to continue forward with their FFA experience. 

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