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FFA state officers travel to South Africa for unique experience


Don’t cry beacuse it is over, smile because it happened. Anyone who has traveled knows that a part of your heart will forever stay in the place where the memories were made. State FFA Officers from around the country traveled to South Africa this month to develop a global perspective of agriculture, people and culture, according to the national website.

“The International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO) – from January 4–16 – challenges participants to identify goals for growth and then to develop a plan to achieve those aims. Participants will visit South African farms and agribusinesses, share in the local culture and develop themselves as culturally-aware students. Support for this experience is provided by John Deere and Bunge.” 

Here are some of the adventures of the members. Sign us up for next year! To follow all of their adventures, check out #ILSSO19. 

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Liewe Blyde (Dear Joy), We see you. We hear you. We envy you. We see you in the beauty of canyons and rocks and natural formations dating back farther than we can comprehend. We see you in the smiles of those that are proud to live in the country of South Africa. We see you in the lions, impalas, rhinos and all others that claim you as home. Your land says happiness, excitement, and love. Your land says home. We hear you in the singing of African music that brings a grin to all of our faces. We hear you in the South African national anthem that you all are so proud to sing for us. We hear you in the many languages we yearn to understand. You are loud, you are confident, you are fierce. We envy you in the pride you all have to call a place like South Africa home. We envy you in the love you spread to not only your people, but our people as well. We envy you in stories you have to tell and the people you have to tell them. We don’t understand where you came from or how you got here, but we want you back home. I take these pictures to express you to those back home, but it refuses to work. They will see what I saw, but they will never feel what I felt. What I feel here in South Africa is you. With gratitude, Dylan #ilsso19 #WrhinoWranglers

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2018 – you were mind blowing enough & the best yet but…2019 – you’re already blowin’ my mind and it hasn’t even started yet, I can’t even imagine what you have in store!¡!¡! // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // I can not believe that in less than 48 hours I’ll be on a plane bound for South Africa…the opportunities that 3 letter acronym on the yellow shirt has given me this past year truly is amazing. Heavenly Father has guided me in every single decision this past year, some were hard and challenging with others being no brainers but through it all I am forever gr8ful for his love for me and the gift of the Holy Ghost that guides me in everything I do. I am beyond blessed to have the gospel in my life as well as the FFA. Their values line up together so much for me, making them both so important in my life. So without further ado I’ll get to packing for the trip of a lifetime. • #ilsso19 #cleobythesun #idffafindyourself

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The Idaho Officer team said, “[We] have been here for three days now and we have already seen and learned so much! We can’t wait to share it all with you when we return.”

Florida State Officer, Hannah said, “Fun Fact: Although Ostriches are a member of the poultry family they have red meat instead of white! Thank you to the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch for all the knowledge you have left us with and the chance to sit on an ostrich!” 

Kentucky’s Vice President, Mattie said, “I thought I understood the pride of farmers… until a father and son showed us their home. They live on the most beautiful fourth generation farm I have ever seen, complete with cattle, sheep, corn, soybeans, and a soybean mill. They were kind enough to share their home with us before we settled in for the night at a wild game conversation lodge.” 

But quite possibly the best moment was captured of Florida’s state president. 

For a more in depth report of their travels, check out their daily blog post here

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