6 FFA podcasts that every member & advisor should check out


Today’s FFA members can have any information they need at the touch of a button. However, there is also something to be said about listening to new information instead of having to read about it. Podcasts are the most popular platform when people want to discover new topics or dive deeper into their passions — for example, listening to the National FFA Organization’s official podcast while on a trip or while doing daily chores.  

Not only are podcasts the perfect way to do mindless activities, but they also allow for a break in screen time for us. As FFA members and advisors begin to travel more, FFA podcasts are the perfect way to pass the time. Throughout this year podcasts have been a great way to reach members virtually and explore the agriculture industry from across the country. From North Carolina to New Mexico, FFA members are able to expand their connection to FFA through podcasts.

Check out a few of our favorite FFA podcasts below (click each title to got to the podcast main page): 

1. National FFA Organization

Of course, when we think of FFA podcasts, the National FFA Organization’s official podcast has to be the first on the list. This podcast features video and audio from the National FFA Conventions, FFA Today, and more! With over 870 episodes and 68,739 downloads, there is something for everyone here. 

Past episodes include: 

2. North Carolina FFA Association Podcast

The North Carolina FFA Association Podcast is helping to grow leaders, build communities, and strengthen agriculture! This podcast is hosted by the North Carolina State Officers with members in mind. Listen as the State Officers explore their local agriculture industry while also helping members get the most out of their FFA experience.

Past episodes include: 

3. Here by the Owl

Here by the Owl Podcast is a podcast for owlets and wise owls alike. Join hosts Nikki Fideldy and Breanna Bregel along with rotating Owls from across the country as they discuss what it takes to “advise from time to time.” Their podcast is fueled by the true knowledge from empowering agricultural education instructors and ripened with the wisdom you will never learn in a textbook.

Past episodes include: 

4. The Evolve Podcast – New Mexico Podcast

When you listen to The Evolve Podcast, you will be able to join the 2020-21 New Mexico FFA State Officer team as they explore new ways to deepen the understanding of the agriculture industry. In addition to learning more about the ag industry, this podcast also dives deep into developing leadership qualities. 

Past episodes include topics covering: 

5. Corduroy Connect – Indiana FFA

The Corduroy Connect podcast shares stories from FFA members, their chapters, alumni, and today’s industry leaders. This podcast is a one-stop shop for Indiana FFA and agricultural news. However, members from across the country can benefit from these resources. 

Past episodes include: 

6. Owl Pellets: Tips for Ag Teachers

The Owl Pellets podcast is loaded with practical tips for your ag classroom and interesting information to incorporate in your teaching. Quick and easy resources for you to read, or “pellets” of information. This podcast highlights advisors and their journey to helping students. 

Past episodes include: 

These podcasts cover everything from leadership, personal growth, unique SAE’s, resources for advisors and so much more! If you are ever looking for a great FFA podcast, this list is a great place to start.


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