The One Where They are Quarantined — ‘Friends’ FFA edition


“So no one told you life was going to be this way …” Over the past few weeks, FFA members have been adjusting to their new normal. Many have received the news that school will not go back in session for the remainder of the school year, while others are just waiting to see what the future holds. And just like in Friends, this may not be your day, week, month or even your year, but FFA will always be there for you.

So exactly what are our FFA members doing during their time of quarantine? In addition to following state and federal protocol of social distancing and running essential errands only, they are still able to help their community and continue forward with their FFA experience. You could say they have had to PIVOT their attitude and expectations for the remainder of the school year.

There are many ways FFA members can serve their community during this uncertain time while continuing to practice social distancing protocols or sheltering in place. Many times our actions speak louder than words and tell of our character. Below, are actions FFA members across the country can participate in to support their community and tells a little about their character, or shall I say their Friends character. Which one do you relate to the most? 

Phoebe — Support Homebound Community Members

Phoebe would be delivering groceries and preparing meals or supplies to those who are at a higher risk of developing severe complications from contracting COVID-19, including those over the age of 65 and people with underlying medical conditions. Phoebe’s kind heart shows through strongly when times get tough. Additionally, Phoebe would ask to walk and feed their animals, pick up and deliver their mail, and complete outdoor tasks like yard work. 

Ross — Educate the Younger Population

Since kids are home from school and likely completing their assignments online, it’s the perfect opportunity for FFA members to host virtual tutoring sessions. Ross would make a great resource to help others learn more about subjects that he is passionate about. 

Monica — Sew and Scribe to Show Appreciation

Monica always steps up in any way she can help those around her. She would be cleaning everything in sight to keep the germs away and would reach out to local health care, law enforcement, and service industries who need masks for protection. Members who relate to Monica would be sewing mask and donating them to local agencies. They would also be writing thank-you cards for medical professionals, police officers, and grocery store employees — or anyone whose work is appreciated. 

Chandler — Put Ag & Tech Skills Into Action 

Chandler is a jack of all trades. Although he went from statistical analysis and data reconfiguration to an intern in an advertising agency, he has many skills to help those around him. As Chandler was one of the first friends to get a laptop, he is very well versed with technology, just like Gen Z. He can use those skills to help those around him navigate Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other online applications. It is also the perfect time for Chandler, or any FFA member, to plan their garden, plant, and donate the harvest to those in need, whether directly or through an organization in the local community.

Joey — Partner With Local Organizations

In today’s society, Joey would have been considered an “influencer.” With such a loyal heart, Joey would have partnered with local organizations to support those around him. For those members feeling overwhelmed or wanting to help out locally, it’s suggested that they reach out to a group in your community — places of worship, food banks and nonprofit organizations, for example — and see if there’s an opportunity to contribute to one of its existing or future efforts. 

Rachel — Come up with different challenges to support members 

Rachel would be the first one to support local businesses with her money. She would be there to support her friends and fellow members in any way possible. Rachel might have started the popular challenge going around called Pass the Jacket. This can be a fun opportunity to include chapter members and even members from across the country. 

While FFA members set examples of how we can make the most of our current situation, I also found a smile helps those around us just as much as service. While recently scouring the internet — like we all have been doing lately — I came across some funny Friends quarantine lyrics, and I thought I would make them a little bit more relevant to FFA members.

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your learning’s remote, you’re broke, you’re hiding from the plague
It’s like you’re always stuck in Quarantine
And you might be there a day, a week, a month — or even a year, but …”

During these challenging times, we are reminded by Friends that, “I’ll be there for you.” 

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