Generations of FFA members show passion for organization


Have you ever wondered how the National FFA Organization has been around for 93 years? It is not because students love public speaking or FFA advisors love to drive a bus to competitions — it is through the passion and tradition that comes with being a member of FFA. The National FFA Organization has been a revered institution for young agriculturalists throughout that time. Since the first convention, students have been gathering to celebrate agriculture and their future that can be found in that industry. 

The National FFA Organization is steeped in tradition: Everything from the blue corduroy jacket to the official colors — national blue and corn gold — the organization has upheld many traditions for decades. However, for many families, FFA has become a part of their family tradition as well.

For those who are lucky enough, their passion for FFA started at a young age. There is something so special about watching your siblings wear that blue corduroy FFA jacket and head off to a competition or looking at the pins your parents received during their time in this organization. Some members are even lucky enough to watch the twinkle in their grandpa’s eye as he talks about his time in the organization (1969 was the first year that females were officially allowed to participate in the organization). The older generations can talk about the changes that have taken place since they were involved, and many still have their jacket hanging in their closet because it means that much to them. 

Family traditions vary for so many — some include holiday traditions while others have lifestyle traditions. For FFA families, their involvement in FFA is rooted in their love and passion for their lifestyle. What started as just an agriculture organization has developed into a “premier youth organization preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture.” As it continues to grow, the National FFA Organization will continue to shape the lives of its members 

Check out just a few of the families that have invested in FFA for multiple generations.

Amy Pitchford — the mother and wife of the FFA members above — said, “A generational tradition. We have been a family who supports FFA and 4-H back since my father-in-law was in school.”

While some FFA members are lucky to have one generation to look up to, some members are even luckier to be a third-generation FFA member. 

Third generation FFA member Holly Ruth said, “Being the third-generation FFA member it has been a true blessing in my life. I honestly encourage people to get involved in FFA even if agriculture isn’t what you want to do! There are so many jobs in the industry.” 

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Another great example of the love that runs deep for FFA is this father-daughter duo.

For some FFA members, the family tradition starts with their parents or grandparents. However, every tradition gets its start eventually. These three sisters are rocking their corduroy jacket! 

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 The post stated, “Past FFA member, present FFA member, and future FFA member! The three amigos.”

As we have seen, tradition runs deep throughout the National FFA Organization. What allows that tradition to continue is the love for the organization and what it provides for so many young people. For example, Hannah Saum — a third-generation FFA member — celebrates her shared passion for FFA with her dad and grandpa. 

Saum said “I grew up on my family farm and saw all that my dad and grandpa were able to accomplish because of FFA. Once I saw how it impacted their life, I knew that I wanted to join the amazing organization that national FFA is. And in my past two years that has definitely proved to be true! 

No matter how long the National FFA Organization will be around, one thing is for sure — FFA will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of its members for years. This organization has had generations of being passionate about FFA. 

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