How well do you know your National FFA Organization trivia?


The National FFA Organization has a long history that would not have been possible without the many men and women who have walked through its doors. Since 1928, the organization has been making a positive change for its members — and the agriculture industry as a whole. So, we thought it would be fun to test your National FFA Organization trivia with this interactive quiz! 
FFA is a dynamic organization that encourages its members to discover their talent through hands-on experiences. Tradition and ingenuity run deep in the FFA community, but how well do you know the history behind the National FFA Organization? To begin, just click “Start” below. To answer the questions, click on the correct answer on the photo itself. Good luck!

Test your FFA knowledge

The National FFA Organization has proven that, through ambition and ingenuity, it is around to stay for the long haul. This organization has been the starting place for many individuals who took their passion for agriculture and turned it into a lifetime career. However, FFA is not just for future farmers — it is also for students who have an interest in science, communication, math, engineering, leadership, and so many other professions. FFA is for anyone who is ready to meet the challenges of the next generation while developing their skills and talents. Currently, over 735,000 students actively participate in FFA, making it the largest student-led organization. 

FFA was created to create leaders in the agriculture industry. This organization gives its members 12 short words to live by: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live and Living to Serve. FFA members rise to the challenge of service embracing members of all walks of life united by the organization. Many FFA members takes the motto to heart and embraces these words wholeheartedly. 

So no matter when you why you joined the National FFA Organization, it has sure to leave an impact in your life. Where you able to ace the quiz or did some of the questions leave you stumped?  Let us know in the comments on how you did with these National FFA Organization trivia questions! 

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