New Year’s resolutions for FFA advisors & members


As we embark on a new year, many people take this time to reflect on their actions during the year and see what they can do to do better next year. New Year’s resolutions come in many different forms — personal, weight-related, work-related, and so much more! However, resolutions are not reserved for the individual. We talked with a few FFA chapters who were also working on their New Year’s resolutions. Just like these chapters, the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to re-evaluate the goals you set at the beginning of the school year as a chapter.

The Vinita FFA Chapter in Oklahoma wants to become more environmentally conscience. Carolyn Piguet, Vinita’s FFA Advisor, said, “We have studied about the amount of plastic waste and non-biodegradable waste there is accumulated on a daily basis. We are looking at ways to reduce plastic use and go as much biodegradable as possible. The chapter is handing out refillable water bottles to our chapter members that were made from recycled plastics (this can also go along with healthy lifestyles for better water consumption and moving away from sodas and energy drinks) as well as moving to using all biodegradable plates and serviceware for our caterings as well as our chapter events.”

Piguet emphasized the importance of students taking responsibility for their actions. “It takes one person making an effort and then joining as a team to help make a more healthy environment. With the projected increase in population in less than 30 years and decrease in land mass for agricultural production, every step that can be taken is important.”

Some chapters are working on their community involvement and propelling their members forward. The Central Columbia FFA Chapter in Pennsylvania set their 2020 resolutions to include participating in a variety of community service events. The chapter will include new events that have just been established as well as traditional events. The Central Columbia FFA Advisor Douglas Brown said, “Assisting with and within our community is essential to develop a strong community network.”

In addition, the Central Columbia FFA Chapter wants to ensure that all members have the opportunity to excel during their FFA career in high school via events, career development events, and experiences. Lastly, they want to advance as many FFA members as possible to the state, and then national, career and leadership development events.

Other chapters are working to grow their chapter and provide experiences for their members. For example, the Meridian FFA Chapter in Illinois wants to raise enough money to send their state degree recipients to State Convention for free and to compete at the state level. They are also celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and one of their goals is to get more community involvement during FFA Week.

In Missouri, the Carthage Technical Center Agriculture biggest resolution is to get a Gold Rating at State Convention in each one of their respective contests. Justin Mauss, Carthage Technical Center Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor said, “Last year we were fourth in the State in the Conduct of Chapter Meetings contest, but we fell short of that Gold Rating in a few of our other contests. This year we are wanting to be more competitive across the board.”

No matter what your resolutions include, make sure they are attainable and you have specific actions set to achieve those goals. This is the perfect time to reflect on what your goals and resolutions would be for the new year.

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