The perfect Christmas gift for the perfect FFA advisor


As Christmas draws near, so does the time for showing those around us how thankful we are for their time and their love. One person we can not overlook while doing our Christmas shopping is the beloved FFA advisor. The amount of time, love, and dedication they provide to the future generation of agriculture is abundant. That is not to say that it does not come with its own set of difficulties. From rarely being home to the coffee maker running nonstop, they are superheroes. Every superhero deserves some form of appreciation.

While some students may have already thought of some ideas to show appreciation for their advisor, this list is here to help generate more ideas. Just a reminder, the gift doesn’t have to be a material item either. There is so much to be said from a gift that is made from meaning rather than money.

Every advisor is different, just like every chapter is different. Most advisors would love anything creative and functional. Hopefully this list will get your creative wheels spinning and allow you to give the perfect gift.

Picture frame with signatures

Some of the best gifts are the ones that will leave a lasting impression. Even though high school seems like forever, it is only four years. A framed picture with the members and their signature is sure to last a lifetime.

Mini Fridge

This is a great gift for that advisor who is constantly on the run and never has time to slow down. Having their own fridge nearby can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, as many ag teachers spend their lunch helping students, it can store their favorite snack, be used during late nights when the cafeteria is not serving, and so much more. This can be a pricier item, so make sure this is something they will utilize.

FFA sign

FFA advisors also love handmade items. Not only can this sign be handmade, but depending on the technology and skills, this gift could be made using shop resources. With new advances in plasma cutting, the sign could be made of anything — wood or metal. Wood burning has also became very popular.

Be sure to make the sign unique! Does your FFA advisor have a saying? Add that to the sign. If not, this is a great quote to incorporate: So God made the FFA advisor, God said, “I need someone who will sit by the owl. Someone who will advise based on true knowledge, and is ripened with wisdom.”

Reserved parking spot

Another fun gift is a reserved parking spot sign for your advisor. In most schools there is an understanding where everyone parks. You can use this opportunity to make a fun sign for your teacher. You may want to run this by administration first to ensure it is OK.

Warm FFA gear

Unless you are from a southern state, an FFA advisor can never have enough warm FFA clothing in their wardrobe. Warm gear goes well beyond a nice jacket. Don’t forget gloves, scarves, and warm socks. They will appreciate this gift for years to come.

Gift cards

 Most FFA advisors rarely get time to themselves and enjoy their “me” time. A great way to say thank you is buying gift cards to their favorite places. It can range from restaurants, self care items, hunting stores, and so much more!


Today, Dec. 9, the ShopFFA store has items 40 percent off! Scroll through and see if there is something your advisor would appreciate!

Quilt Blanket

This is a great gift, not only for your advisor but anyone in the chapter. A quilt blanket is a great way to document everything you have done without hiding it in drawers. There are many ways to create these blankets — the more creative, the better.

While these are just a few options, don’t forget that you know your advisor best. Really listen and think about what they could use. They will love anything that you put thought and time into.

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