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A state-by-state list of formats for 2021 FFA conventions


This time last year, the pandemic threw a curve ball to FFA state officers and staff everywhere. While some states were lucky to have completed their state convention before shut downs were announced, many state FFA organizations were left to scramble and put together a virtual event for their members. For 2021, while state FFA associations have had time to adjust to the pandemic, they still have to decide what is best for their members. Many FFA state associations have to choose between a virtual, in-person, or a hybrid convention this year. 

Leaders with each FFA state association are not the only ones who have to choose a plan of action for thousands of members. According to the National FFA Organization Convention & Expo website, regarding its decision on whether to have the 94th National Convention & Expo, they said, “We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, national and local guidelines, and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help guide our decision to be hybrid or virtual this October. A decision will be made in the late spring if we will host a convention virtually or hybrid.”

The in-person National FFA Convention had been held in Indianapolis in recent years, and that agreement was extended through 2031.

But at the state level, each choice — virtual, in person, or hybrid — came with its own set of obstacles and challenges. For many, the tough call depended on what was the current status of the pandemic in their state and if the convention was held during the spring or summer. In the summer, leaders are predicting more people will have the vaccine available to them, including students.  

Currently, the state FFA associations have made the following decisions doe 2021: 

  • Alabama (Fall) — Virtual
  • Alaska (April 12-16) — Virtual
  • Arizona (February 22 – March 25) — Virtual
  • Arkansas (July 1-3) — Virtual
  • California (May 14-16) — Virtual 
  • Colorado (June 8-10) — To be determined
  • Connecticut (Spring) — Virtual
  • DelawareAwaiting a determination on how and when the convention will take place
  • Florida (June 13-18) — In-person – “Florida FFA takes the safety and well-being of our event attendees seriously and we believe event attendees have a shared responsibility in overall event safety. As such, Florida FFA has developed a set of COVID related attendee requirements that must be adhered to by all attendees.”
  • Georgia (April 19-24) — Hybrid “Georgia FFA is excited to announce that the 2021 State Convention will be our first ever hybrid convention, consisting of both virtual and in-person opportunities! Join us on April 19-23 online for keynote speakers and to hear the official results from state competitions. On Saturday, April 24, award winners and select students will gather in Macon to experience a one-day, IN PERSON event! 
  • HawaiiTo be determined 
  • Idaho (April 6-9) — Virtual – “We are excited to celebrate 90 years of Idaho FFA history through this year’s Virtual State Convention! As we watch, may we find ourselves CONNECTING with our inner leaders, fellow members, and communities.”
  • Illinois (May 28- June 10) — Hybrid – “We are thrilled to announce that we are going to be in-person for 3 regional events and for a condensed State Convention, as well as live stream all of these events. “
  • Indiana (June 14-17) — In person with streaming capabilities
  • Iowa (April 18-20) — In-person – “More than 4,000 FFA members and guests from across the state gather to learn about careers in the agriculture industry, compete in various events, and shape the future of the Iowa FFA Association.”
  • Kansas ( June 2-4) — Virtual
  • Kentucky (June 8-10) — Hybrid – State FFA Advisor Brandon K. Davis said, “The hybrid convention option will allow us to celebrate the accomplishments of FFA members while keeping everyone safe and healthy.  We look forward to having FFA members together again for the first time since March of 2020.”  
  • Louisiana (June 7-10) — Hybrid – “No challenge is too great for Louisiana FFA members to overcome, so in that spirit, the 2020-2021 State FFA Officer Team invites you to join us for the 2021 State FFA Convention to be held in a hybrid model June 7-10.”  
  • Maine (Spring) — Virtual
  • Maryland (June 22-25) — Virtual 
  • Massachusetts (April 27 – 28) — Virtually
  • Michigan (April 19 – 23) — Virtual 
  • Minnesota (April 19-23) — Virtual – “In April more than 4,000 FFA members and guests from across the state participate in general sessions, competitive events, educational tours, leadership workshops, visit with colleges, and more. In 2021, this experience will be virtual.”
  • Mississippi (June 8-10) — In-person
  • Missouri (April 30-May 1) — Hybrid – “Our desire to hold an in-person event for our award winners has been the overarching goal in our decision to modify our normal convention location and protocol,” said Leon Busdieker, Missouri FFA state advisor. “FFA is hands-on. It’s a four-year program, and we think this year’s plan is the best way to recognize our students for their accomplishments while still being mindful of health-related concerns.” 
  • Montana (April 7-10) — Hybrid “This year’s State Convention will be a special hybrid event with some competitive events and general sessions held in-person and numerous activities and networking sessions held online and remotely.” 
  • Nebraska (April 7-9) — Virtual – “The Nebraska FFA Association Board of Directors has announced that the 93rd Nebraska State FFA Convention held April 7, 8, 9, 2021 will be held virtually. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges it is presenting, holding the convention virtually keeps our students, teachers, and all stakeholders safe.”
  • Nevada (March 17-19) — Virtual“The 2021 Nevada FFA Convention will be conducted virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.”
  • New Hampshire (May) — Virtual 
  • New Jersey (May 26-28) — Virtual – “We have worked to create a fun and engaging virtual convention experience to recognize students, chapters, and supporters. The state officers will share their hard work and inspirational messages to members.” 
  • New Mexico (June) — Virtual
  • New York (May 9-15) — Virtual – “We are excited to expand on our 2020 format with more opportunities for our over 9,000 FFA members, advisors and honored guests.” 
  • North Carolina (June) — Virtual
  • North Dakota (June 7-10) — In-person – “The first full week of June, more than 1,300 FFA members, advisors and members from across the state of North Dakota gather on North Dakota State University’s campus.”
  • Ohio (April 29-30) — Virtual
  • Oklahoma (April 27-29) — In person
  • OregonVirtual
  • Pennsylvania (June 1 -3) — To be determined 
  • Rhode Island To be determined
  • South Carolina (June 7-10) — Virtual
  • South Dakota (April 11-13) — In-person – “We do realize no amount of precaution can eliminate all risk of exposure; however, we accept this fact and feel that the experience and educational opportunities of these events will far outweigh the risk.”
  • Tennessee ( June 28-30) — In-person – “Our goal is to provide an in-person convention at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, 234 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN. We will stay apprised of CDC and state guidance throughout the spring and will update this plan as needed as the safety of our membership is paramount.”
  • Texas (July 5-9, 2021) — In-person
  • Utah (March 10-12) — Virtual
  • VermontTo be determined
  • Virginia (June 21-24) — In-person
  • Washington (May 13-15) — Virtual
  • West VirginiaTo be determined
  • Wisconsin (July 5) — In-person – “Joe Schlies, State FFA President commented “My teammates and I continue to make enormous strides in providing Wisconsin FFA members with a top-of-the-line State FFA Convention experience and are grateful to have the opportunity to provide members with an in-person celebration in a safe manner while also offering a virtual format. Coming together with the prioritization of health and safety guidelines, our organization continues to demonstrate this year’s Wisconsin State FFA theme of being ‘Unstoppable.'”
  • Wyoming  (April 15-18) — In-person

No matter if it is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid convention, FFA members are still continuing in the tradition of the National FFA Organization. These experiences and memories will be ones FFA members hold onto forever. 

We at AGDAILY will update this list as more information becomes available, but please reach out to khulshof@agdaily.com if you know of any updates that we haven’t gotten to yet.

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