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Why you should definitely not join FFA


Everyone will tell you why you should join FFA, but have you ever thought of the reasons you shouldn’t? If you are looking for a place to grow and develop as an individual while also learning to work together as a team, FFA might be for you. But if you are someone who enjoys their free time, then FFA is definitely not for you. 

You really only want to join FFA if you have a true passion for learning more about one of the fastest growing industries. According to Purdue University, employment opportunities in occupations related to food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, and the environment will grow 2.6 percent for college graduates. But maybe you’re not into finding a stable career and earning a living? 

For those looking for a small organization that doesn’t leave an impact, FFA is not for you. With over 735,000 members, FFA is one of the most dynamic and supportive organization for young agriculturalists in history. No chance I would be able to find a group of friends with that many possibilities. 

Not only does FFA have a wide variety of members, but also makes the students lead the chapter. Although your advisor is there for guidance and wisdom, the students are in charge of planning activities and increasing chapter involvement. These time-consuming details will cut more into your free time. Spending that much time with other FFA members and bonding during activities means you will create even deeper friendships with other students. With more friends and no free time, how could you possibly want to join this organization?

On top of cutting into your free time, it also has the likelihood of completely changing who you are. According to the National FFA Organization, they create positive differences in the lives of students by “developing their potential for premier leadership.” These leadership qualities have the potential to bring about positive change for you and your community. I guess if you are into helping others you would enjoy this organization. 

Maybe you are thinking with all that good will you are doing, you will get a trophy? Think again! FFA doesn’t hand out participation trophies. When you participate in competitive events, only the best move forward, even if you performed to the best of your abilities. Talk about learning life lessons early! 

Not only does the organization challenge you to be the best you can be, the agriculture classes you have to take in school are totally bizarre. Ag classes are notorious for being hands-on and interactive. I mean, who really wants to learn how to weld or have a class where you learn how to correctly pot a plant? That is no fun. I would much rather be sitting in a classroom writing notes off a PowerPoint. 

Beyond character-building and community outreach, let’s look at what really matters — dress code. Everyone connects the iconic blue corduroy jacket to the National FFA Organization. Do you even want to join an organization that has barely updated its dress code since 1933? The jacket and the dress code has represented the future of agriculture for over 90 years, surely it is time for an upgrade.

Wait, wait, wait … you didn’t actually think we were serious did you? 😉 

The real reason you shouldn’t join FFA? If you don’t plan on working hard and if you are set in your ways. With an open mind and a determination, you will go far in this organization. For nearly a century, FFA members have left an impact on their community in a fun and engaging way, all while leading the agriculture industry into the future. We can’t wait to see what the next decades have in store for FFA members.

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