Guest Columnists

Food Science Babe

Food Science Babe is the pseudonym of an agvocate and writer who focuses specifically on the science behind our food. She has a degree in chemical engineering and has worked in the food industry for more than decade, both in the conventional and in the natural/organic sectors. There are so many myths surrounding the food we eat — what’s in it, how it’s produced, what’s good for us/bad for us — that I present information based on scientific facts and encourage people to ask questions. Food Science Babe can be found on Facebook.

Krista Stauffer, The Farmer’s Wifee

Krista Stauffer is a wife, mother of three, and first-generation millennial dairy farmer. Krista met her husband in 2009 when he moved to her hometown to start his own dairy farm. They were married the following year. Today, she works side by side with him and their kids on their 140-cow dairy. She shares their everyday farm life on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her blog.

Tim Durham, Plant M.D.

Tim Durham’s family operates Deer Run Farm — a 30-acre truck (vegetable) farm on Long Island, New York. With no shortage of “fake news” about farming, he decided to become an agvocate — countering heated rhetoric with sensible facts. Tim has a degree in plant medicine, the equivalent of a plant M.D. He’s currently an Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Ferrum College in Virginia.

Michelle Miller, Farm Babe

Michelle Miller, the Farm Babe, was once a big-city girl and moved to rural Iowa for love. Once there, she learned that her original thoughts of modern agriculture were very inaccurate (based on mainstream Hollywood media and marketing) and now enjoys debunking myths and spreading facts about REAL farms from REAL farmers. Michelle can be found on Facebook, and Twitter.

Amanda Zaluckyj, The Farmer’s Daughter USA

U.S. farmers are the most efficient, productive, and environmentally-friendly in the world. The goal of The Farmer’s Daughter USA blog is to promote those farmers and tackle the misinformation swirling around the U.S. food industry. Amanda’s website can be found here, and she’s on Facebook, and Twitter.

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