10 of the best rural #feelingcutechallenge posts


If you have been paying attention to your news feed, I am sure you have seen the #feelingcutechallenge. What started off with the caption, “feeling cute, might delete later,” has now turned into the best satirical piece of 2019. We searched the internet for some of the best farm and rural challenge photos. If you decide to add your own flair in the #feelingcutechallenge, be sure to tag us on the photo or use #agdaily so we can see what you come up with!Ā 

Every rancher knows that she will probably calf when it is most inconvenient, in the middle of the night.Ā 

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#feelingcute #feelingcutechallenge

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The mailman or the imaginary dog next door.Ā 

I have no words for this because I can’t breathe from laughing too hard!Ā 

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Someone is ready for #Plant19.

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#feelingcutechallenge #feltcutemightdeletelater

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And to wrap it all up, the cutie queen herself — Reba! “Here’s your one chance, Fancy, don’t let me down!” She did not let us down today.Ā 

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