2019 Super Bowl commercials: The good, the bad, the ugly for ag and rural folks


As many know, the Super Bowl is set to air on CBS this Sunday, Feb. 3. The highly anticipated event is watched by many for two reasons: the game and the commercials. In recent years, many ads have left us with chills or have caused controversy. This year promises the same, and we are going to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly on the rural and ag-related commercials leaked so far. Many companies are getting their money’s worth by releasing the commercials early to gain social media buzz, while others are just releasing teasers. 

The Breakdown

According to Kantar Media, “While the 2017-2018 season may have been a rocky one for the NFL, the league’s signature event still continues to shine: The average cost of a 30-second ad in Super Bowl LII climbed to a record $5.235 million, with overall spend totaling $482 million.” Many companies will be put to the test to see if their pricey ad was worth it. 

The Good

KIA opted to showcase Rural America in their commercial instead of paying a big time celebrity. They are putting the saved money toward a scholarship — more details to come during the big game. Actions like these reminds us there is good in this world. 

Verizon is dedicating their 60 seconds to put first responders in the spotlight. In our small towns, first responders are the volunteers who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. We love that Verizon acknowledges those who give up everything, everyday for strangers. 

In this teaser, you can’t tell what Avocados from Mexico has in store, but I love dogs, avocados, and Kristin Chenoweth. I am keeping this commercial on my radar on Sunday due to their interesting commercial history

HEB is a well-known grocery store in Texas. I just want to play corn hole on the beach with this stranded individual after watching this commercial. 

The Bad

Ah, organic beer. This calming commercial is meant to aspire the “healthy” beer consumer. If there is an opportunity, you know marketing consultants will jump at it.   

The Ugly

So uncomfortable for so many reasons.


Ram just released a “pre” Super Bowl commercial. I am confused why they didn’t reference their own commercial, So God Made a Farmer, with over 23 million views on YouTube. “We have something new up our sleeve leading up to the big game this year,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. “We launched these three videos today to give our fans a taste of what’s to come. As for what’s next, everyone will just have to wait and see.”


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