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People often talk about sliding on a pair of “muck” boots in a very generic way, but farmers and ranchers know better: Muck boots (with a capital “M”) are a specific brand, one that has earned the respect of rural communities. The goal of The Original Muck Boot Company, founded in 1999, is to create footwear that can withstand the harshest conditions — and knowing what kinds of things people get into on their farms, that’s a feature that we definitely want. So what are the best Muck boots for the hardworking man around the house?

We’ve worn Muck boots in deep pasture mud and through smelly droppings; we dug through consumer reviews across the Internet; and we paid attention to price and quality to pick our favorite pairs.

If you’re looking to keep your feet happy in the messiest conditions, Muck boots are a perfect solution. Of course, they’re waterproof, but they’re also lightweight, rugged, and versatile — and despite not having laces, their good fit ensures they won’t get sucked off your feet when the mud reaches up to grab you.

Here are our five picks of the best Muck boots you can get your hands … erm, feet … on: 

best muck boots

Muck Boot Company Men’s Chore Tall Boot

This is really the classic in the Muck line — a versatile work horse that’s at home on any farm or ranch. Reviewers have said that this is the boot they come back to time and time again. These boots have a steel shank with a durable rubber outsole, and they are comfort rated from sub-freezing up to 65 degrees. You’re likely to find that you will start wearing these primarily in snow and rain, but when you realize how comfortable and how easy on and off they are, these will be your go-to for a lot of chores. The tall, shown here, go up 16 inches, but you can also find others in the Chore Series, such as the mid-size at 12 inches tall and the steel-toed (though we haven’t worn either of these before).


best muck boots

Muck Boot Company Men’s Arctic Sport Tall Boot

Cold weather — Bring…It…On! The Arctic performance winter boot is an insulated joy to have hugging your feet in even the coldest conditions. They have a soft fleece lining and a 5 mm neoprene inner boot. The stretch-fit top-line binding keeps the boots snug to your legs to keep cold air out and warm air in, and provides the perfect fit for wide calves. Plus, for those extra muddy or frozen days, the outsole is rugged, durable, and offers ultimate protection with double reinforcement on the instep, heel, and Achilles area.


best muck boots

Muck Boot Company Men’s Wetland Tall Boot

The side pasture for my horses is half open space, half woods (of course, the horses love the woods). So when sticks and brush start gnawing at my ankles as I’m walking through there, the Wetlands are the best boot for the task. This is a field boot that keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable in the muddiest conditions. They have a rubber calf-high exterior, which protects against sticks, rocks, and scratches, and the air mesh lining lets your feet breathe whether you’re out on the farm or trudging across frozen fields. Plus, the roll down Wetlands bootie goes from hi to mid for when the weather warms up.


best muck boots

Muck Boot Company Men’s Woody Sport Tall Boot

You may spend the bulk of your day in the cab of a tractor or in the fields with your livestock, but if you’re up early in the morning heading to your favorite hunting spot, then this is Muck for you. This all-terrain hunting boot has a sporty lightweight styling so you can move fast when pursuing game. And look at the aggressive outsole traction pattern! That’s going to be great for long days in the field.


best muck boots

Excursion Pro Mid

We don’t have to go tall every time. These are more of our on-the-go Muck boots — they’re easy to take with me when I don’t know exactly what the weather will be later in the day or if I don’t know how muddy/messy the ground is going to be. They’re easy to slip on and off, and they will get you through any season.

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What are Muck boots made of?

When talking about the tall Muck boots that most farmers, ranchers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts think of, they’re usually focused on neoprene boots. Neoprene is a family of flexible synthetic rubber that is at the heart of a good boot — and can be used for a lot of products. It tends to be resistant to water, oil, and heat, which is why a lot of Muck boots and other neoprene-based boots bill themselves as 100 percent waterproof and carry some nice shock-absorption qualities.

The rubber on these boots is easy to clean, and they often have a lining for added breathability (like the 5 mm versions) or a heavier variation may have a lining that’s more focused on warmth (the 8 mm wintery Arctic Muck boots).  

What are neoprene boots good for?

If you have livestock, you already know the answer to this. In fact, for many farmers and ranchers, there’s no kind of “work boot” other than a neoprene (or Muck) boot. They are especially good for use on dairy farms, which can be messy in the milking parlors and barns. Because neoprene boots usually go anywhere from 14 inches to 17 inches up the calf and are waterproof, they are good for any kind of … stuff … you may find yourself stepping in. 

Hunters tend to like them because it makes wading across creeks or intermittent streams all the easier and keeps their feet dry throughout the long hours of the day.

Oftentimes, a good pair of neoprene boots will have a solid lug sole for gripping in muddy, snowy, or other wet conditions, and they’re easy to get on and off, even hands-free, thanks to many of them having a heel plate protruding from the rear.

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