5 of the best snow shovels based on their ratings


Out in the country, we don’t typically have a simple, paved, straight 20-foot driveway to shovel once the snow piles up. Our challenges are much more extreme, so we need more extreme tools to complete these tasks. We might have machines for the really thick stuff, but with so many buildings, barns, and other structures that we need to access even in the coldest months, having a snow shovel that can handle our biggest and snowiest chores is vital. Add to the fact that you might be trying to shovel the snow from off of a gravel road, and you truly begin to understand the concept of using a scalpel instead of a hatchet if the job calls for it.

There are a wide variety of shoves on the market, which include differences in the design of the shaft, the use of polyethylene or aluminum in the blade, and the overall weight of the shovel, so sorting through the best of these is no easy task. 

Based on our past experiences with several different shovels on our farms, as well as what the user reviews on Amazon tell us, we’ve compiled five of the best snow shovels on the market. They’re the kind that should last you from season to season as you tend to all your acres:

$52.65 — Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher

While these kinds of ergonomically designed shafts are far kinder to your back, it’s also expected that they’re not going to allow you to lift as much snow regularly. So keep that in mind when picking this Suncast or anything else with the curved shaft. That said, this is among our favorites in this category, and it has held up well season after season. It includes a galvanized steel wear strip, ribbed steel core handle, and a blade that is 18-by-12-inches.

The review that says it all: I could not wait to get a decent shovel that would not break my back. The first time I used it, I knew I made a good purchase. It worked great and didn’t give me back pains, I am just so happy to have a decent shovel that is not 40 plus years old and worn out. When I used it some of the snow had begun to melt but it required very little effort to utilize. The shovel is well made and should last me a very long time.

$67.69 — True Temper SnoBoss Snow Pusher 26″ Steel Blade Material

This shovel, which can function both as a pusher and as a traditional shovel, is unlike most anything else that you’d find on the market. Its dual handles allow you to clear the way with less effort due to their lightweight aluminum. And the dual handles allow for additional leverage.At 26 inches wide and 21 inches tall at the blade, it can move a lot in a short amount of time.

The review that says it all: I bought my first years ago, and just bought two more, because these shovels are the best I’ve ever used, in terms of the amount of snow they clear and the ergonomic design. The double-handle design makes for firm, solid control as you push forward, and the lower grips make lifting and clearing snow much easier and far less fatiguing than when using more traditional shovels. Or, if you want, you can simply push a snow out of the way, and never have to lift or throw it, because the shovel is especially wide and well-designed. I have to clear a couple of long drives every year, and this shovel makes the task bearable.

$24.96 — Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

We’re going to go out on a limb and say this is probably not the kind of shovel you’ve seen very often before. The idea, of course, with this is to shovel smarter and not harder. Shovelution greatly reduces the effort, strain, and potential injury involved in shoveling, using the powerful muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing, and sending lifting leverage to the lower hand — to reduce back strain, so you can lift more, and throw farther.

The review that says it all: These bad boys are a TOTAL back saver!! I’ve ordered five of them… I have a crew of four up on the roof of our motel clearing off over 3′ of snow (on a 300 ft. run of roof!!) and THEY love them too. I’ve shoveled several hundred pounds of the white stuff myself, and I gotta tell ya, I will NEVER use a “regular” snow shovel again! Having that extra handle is a God-Send!! If you’re [semi] old 🙂 like me (60) or a young buck that just needs something that will fling the snow WAY out of the way – GET YOURSELF one or more of these! You’ll LOVE it!!

$44.97 — Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

The Bully Tools Combination Snow Pusher features all the elements of a well-built and affordable American tool and more. This professional snow pusher features a poly scoop for a stronger and longer life, making your sidewalks and driveways safer for years to come. Designed to handle tough winters, the scoop allows for quick snow clearing and does not break under pressure. The handle features a D-grip design for comfortable gripping, even if you’re wearing gloves. This tool has a width of 22 inches a depth of 4 inches and an overall length of 56 inches.

The review that says it all: I’ve owned this shovel for close to two and a half years now, and it has performed well–very well. I have a multitude of snow shovels, but if I had to pick just one over them all to get the job done, I would pick this one. It pushes and scoops snow very effectively and should make short work of most forms of snow you have, that is, if you are tall enough and strong enough to handle it. Being that the blade/scoop end is rather large and that the handle is on the longer side (as other reviewers have said, it is a wonderful shovel for taller people), if it is full of snow, it may be hard for shorter and/or weaker individuals to manage. For me, the size and length is just right and allows me to scoop and throw snow like no other.

$39.42 — True Temper Arctic Blast 1638900 Snow Shovel

We couldn’t resist putting another True Temper shovel on this list — as well as putting another ergonomic handle on here. The blade material is aluminum with a steel nonstick wear strip to help ensure its longevity. And with its shaft design, it’ll keep your back and body out of the pain zone throughout the cold season.

The review that says it all: High quality. Much easier to use than shovels with a straight handle, I highly recommend this shovel to anyone for home or commercial use.


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