5 things to know about the patron saint of agriculture


There is no common religion across America’s countryside. While Christianity as a whole does dominate the rural landscape, even that can be broken down into regional clusters: In the South you’re likely to see Baptists and Methodists, while Lutherans are big in the Dakotas, and Catholics are prominent in the Upper Midwest. It’s in that last group that we discover Saint Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of agriculture and rural communities.

Not to be confused with another Saint Isidore, who was the bishop of Seville, our Isidore was deeply entwined with food production, in terms of working the land and helping to feed the poor as well as in taking especially good care of animals.

May 15 is the Catholic Church’s special day of adoration for Saint Isidore the Farmer (known as San Isidro, in Spanish). Here are five things to know about him:



Each year, people on Twitter mention and honor Saint Isidore on this day:

If you have a special devotion to Saint Isidore, there are various pieces of jewelry and other things that you can have to honor this saint. We’ve seen many family members wearing a necklace like this one, sometimes even with inscriptions on the back. Some necklaces come with prayer cards as well. Or, something a little more fun and off the cuff, this T-shirt may make you smile. There’s also the classic statuette of Saint Isidore for a room in your house or your barn.

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