Academic honor societies for agriculture students


Academic honor societies can be an amazing part of a college or university experience — they’re places to make new friends, network for future jobs, and share ideas with your peers. While some of these societies are open to students of all disciplines, others academic honor societies are geared to specific courses of study, such as agriculture.

Below, we’ll talk about five of the most prominent academic honor societies that are open to agricultural students — a mix of both discipline-specific and non-specific societies. All of them have real value to offer to their members, but it’s up to you to look at them closely when choosing which ones to join. Annual fees may be required to stay active, and they all vary in terms of how often they will communicate with alumni members and hold gatherings. They also all differ in terms of how they invite new members — some may invite you simply based on your grade point average, while others may require that you ask an advisor or alumnus about an invitation.

Take a peek at these academic honor societies for agriculture students:

Academic honor societies for agriculture students

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