8 affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for women farmers


It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for that special someone. And there can often be a lot of pressure to stick the landing when it comes to showing the women farmers in our lives how much we love them on Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are lots of Valentine’s classics, such as flowers and candy, that you can gravitate toward, but with a little extra effort, you can get something that fits the rural lifestyle or your wife or girlfriend. Maybe it’s a way to honor a beloved horse, or something functional to help with those early mornings at the barn, or maybe it’s just a piece of clothing that makes daily farm life that much better.

We hope that you take a look at our ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for women farmers and find your inspiration. While we know that love-day gifts can (at times) get pretty expensive, we made an effort to keep this list more affordable — not to mention that a lot of these can be obtained pretty last-minute, if you’re one of those kinds of shoppers.

Here’s to hoping you find the best gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

equine keepsakes

Equine Keepsakes

For women who love horses, they want to keep their beloved animals close at all times. Turning a lock of hair into beautifully spun jewelry is an amazing and unique gifts. There are several artisans out there who do this, but we’ve use Equine Keepsakes and couldn’t be happier with the results. There are so many options — from bracelets and necklaces to keychains and other trinkets — that you really can find something for just about everyone who is looking to strengthen their bond with their animal (or perhaps hoping to preserve the memory of an animal who has passed).

Although there are some pricier options from Equine Keepsakes, much of what’s on this company’s site is $40 or less.

carhartt leggings

Carhartt Force Lightweight Utility Legging

Leggings are all the rage these days, but nobody does rough and tumble leggings quite like Carhartt does. These work leggings from Carhartt are an answer to a farm girl’s prayer. Admittedly, it may take a bit to get accustomed to the various fabrics that are strategically designed into them, but ones you get moving, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them — and that’s a good thing! No hiking up your pants or worrying about ripped knees. They have a high waist, and the waistband keeps them from gaping open in the back. If you slosh some water onto these leggings, they’re sure to dry up pretty quickly (that’s Carhartt’s FastDry technology) — a nice time-saver for someone who’s always on the go and can’t take time to deal with clothes that don’t work with a tendency to be messy! And then there’s … the pockets. Most certainly a favorite feature on them!

The Force Lightweight Utility Legging is 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex ponte knit.

Dovetail Multi-Purpose Work Glove

A durable and lightweight all-around work glove. We’re really put these to the test, and they hold up exceedingly well, and they fit nicely. Your can move my fingers easily and can maintain a good grip while wearing them, and you can even use your smartphone without having to pull them off because of the touch-sensitive element in them (index fingers only, but hey, something is better than nothing!). Keep in mind these are not thick winter gloves and are not designed to keep your hands especially warm. If you’re working outdoors, these are best for use in late spring, summer, and early fall, and they have a toughness that’ll last.

These Dovetail gloves are made of nylon, polyurethane, elastane, and silicone, and they’re available in sized XS through L


The Horse Holster

This strappable smartphone holder is awesome for women who love going on trail rides. Made primarily to be affixed to the rider’s leg, it can also be clipped to a pocket, belt, waistband, or belt loop for added support! Couple that with the optional element of having a cross-body and waist strap for those particularly rough rides, we’ve genuinely never seen any other smartphone holder perform this well. The holster measures 6.75″x3.75″x1″, while there are two sizes to the straps, and all leg straps are 2″ wide: thighs 16″ to 24″ (~pants size 0-8); thighs 24″ to 32″ (~pants size 8+).

The Horse Holster is ideal for phone, keys, ID, money, lip balm, medical supplies, and oh so much more. 

Enso Women’s Infinity Silicone Ring

If your special someone lives on a farm, then she’s probably getting her hands dirty and scraped up in all kinds of ways. What she doesn’t want messed up is that beautiful ring that was put on her hand on her wedding day. Dealing with animals and metal gates and machinery parts mean that a ring can get scratched or, worse, smashed onto her finger. Silicone rings help take that worry away — as well as not being so dire if it falls off or gets lost in another way.

Not all silicone rings are made the same way, but this is one that we’ve been particularly happy with.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

There’s a reason Pioneer Woman is so well respected for how she has been able to bottle the rural lifestyle in her books and other products. If the farm woman in your family enjoys cooking, then The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier is one book she should have. This national bestseller is a mouthwatering collection of the simple-but-scrumptious recipes that rotate through my kitchen on a regular basis, including Perfect Pancakes, Cowgirl Quiche, Sloppy Joes, Italian Meatball Soup, White Chicken Enchiladas, and a spicy Carnitas Pizza that’ll win you over for life. There are also some elegant offerings for more special occasions at your house: Osso Buco, Honey-Plum-Soy Chicken, and Rib-Eye Steak with an irresistible Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce. And of course, there’s a long list of decadent desserts in here.

agriculture degree mug

Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Agriculture Degree Stainless Steel Mug

This is our new go-to coffee mug! Who among us isn’t tired of the army of “keyboard farmers” on social media? This travel mug sums things up nicely, and is a perfect gift for anyone heading off to college or who has wrapped up their ag education. Just a heads up, though, this isn’t part of Amazon Prime, so expect delivery to take longer than a couple of days.

Case Cutlery Sodbuster Folding Knife

So, maybe sharp objects aren’t the most romantic gift, but we’ve never met a woman farmer who doesn’t appreciate real, functional things — and that can be a headlamp, multifunctional headwear, or even a knife. The sodbuster style of knife is what experts keep coming back to time and time again as a great folding blade for farmers. The Sodbuster is a traditional slip joint pocket knife that typically has one skinner blade and a simple handle with no bolster. They are great because of their slim design and simple function — and the Case name is one that you can trust around the farm (there are lots of different colors to choose from). Plus, it’s shaped just right to fit many different hand sizes comfortably.



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