Ag foundation releases video safety lessons geared toward kids


To help parents who are home with their kids and are looking for ways to keep students’ minds active, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days Facebook page is doing a Daily Learning Drop at noon Eastern Daylight Time. 

The goal is to share a glimpse of the various safety and health-related, hands-on, educational lessons offered through our Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program. Our hope with these distance education opportunities is to facilitate learning and discussions while many students are at home due to school closings. Topics will include fire safety/escape planning, germ/proper hand-washing, mental health/stress, ATV safety, water safety, and many others.

An introduction and two videos have already been posted since the program kicked off on Wednesday. Check the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days Facebook page at noon EDT daily to stay up to date and give your kids a fun, educational experience.

Daily Learning Drop Introduction

Daily Learning Drop #1

No matter the time of year, weather can change in an instant! Being prepared and responsive to weather alerts is key! Do you know the difference between a weather watch, warning, or advisory? If not, have your children take a few minutes to look those up and discuss the difference. Watch this video for a fun, hands-on lesson.

Daily Learning Drop #2

Got soap? Here are some great ways to teach children about germs and the importance of proper hand washing using supplies you have right at home! These activities not only help develop good hygiene and reinforce safety and health practices, but they incorporate other subjects, like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education through experiments and English lessons with fun poetry to recall the hand washing steps.

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