Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from April 9, 2020


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for April 9. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your Instagram pics with #agdaily.

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No other way I’d want to live ✨🖤

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"Everything happens, when it happens, for a reason." 💯 . Well today the sun is shining and it's pretty warm out. Thankful for that.🙏 . I've come to terms with having to move the wedding. Do I like it? No. Is it for the better? Yes. Because let's be honest, this craziness won't be over by June. But I hope I'm completely wrong! . In the mean time I'll focus on the good things. I'll try to make time to take more pictures. Maybe I'll start my garden I've been wanting to start but was putting off due to the wedding. I'll enjoy this nice weather with my pups and get some stuff done.🌺 . Look for the good things during bad times. I STRONGLY believe in the quote that started this post. So stay safe and enjoy the good things in life! 🌞 . P.s. yes this is an old pic but that's ok. Look how cute Zeke is. 🥰

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Working together, it’s what we do. 💙

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(Very Belated) Day 96. My chickens have finally started to get there act together and give me some eggs. I only have 9 hens right now and I know which egg came from each cus they are all different. The green is from an Easter Egger hen I got as a chick 3 years ago, she’s small and white. The top light colour one is from a little banty hen that is wild as can be, she hatched last spring. The brown is from “Jaws” she’s a 2.5 year old Sexlink hen I got from @sideroadfarm last year. The big light coloured one is from a silver laced Wyandotte hen, who is also 3 years old. Yes I am a crazy chicken lady, just wait till you see all the ones I have on order! 🐓. . . . #chickens #eggs #farmfresh #farmfresheggs #sexlink #wyandotte #easteregger #banty #hens #luckholmfarms #farmlifebestlife #farmer #rurallife #ontag #farm365 #iamcountryside #agriculture #agdaily #canadianag #ag #realdirt #agvocate #farmhand #farm #farmlife #cdnag #rwpcommunity #agmorethanever #agstyle #agproud

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Are you a farmer or rancher?? Tomorrow is the last day to enter our photo contest for a chance to win a FREE registration to our 2020 Virtual Stakeholders Summit! . . Post your favorite farm photo with the hashtag #PrimedAndPrepared by this Friday to be entered to win a free registration to the virtual event plus exclusive access to recorded Summit presentations for the rest of the year. More details about the photo contest can be found in the link in our bio! . . #photocontest #animalag #farmlifebestlife #farm365 #farming #farmtofork #farming #ranching #agriculturelife #aglife #beefitswhatsfordinner #undeniablydairy #realpigfarming #farmphoto #farmphotograhpy #farmphotos #farmphotographer #farmphotoshoot #AAA20 #virtualconference

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