Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Dec. 15


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Dec. 15. Want to get listed? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!


Procrastinating computer work ?? #farmlife #agdaily

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This is how we entertain ourselves ? #farmlife

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Making our grand exit from the shelter yesterday. This is where they stop you for a photo opp before you leave. They weren't sure how my little lady would do posing for photos, but she was great! (And we were frrrreeeezing.) . Welcome to the family, Teeter, the wonder mini mule! . She went by Clover during her stay at the shelter, but with her forever home, she gets her forever name. . And my policy of naming most of my farm animals after family members works perfectly for her. Yes, I had a Great Great Aunt Teeter. Well, Theresa. But my mom couldn't pronounce that as a tiny girl. She called her Aunt Teeter, and then so did everybody else. Forever. . Aunt Teeter was a sweet, soft-spoken, born and raised farm girl. (Aha! We DO have some in the family, if I go back a little bit! I never got to meet Aunt Teeter.) . I know of Aunt Teeter best from the stories my mom has told me about: (1) when Aunt Teeter wouldn't know how to stop my wild young mother and her brother from rough housing to the point of blood when babysitting them, and (2) how she would always remind my mom to feed animals with your palm flat. You see, Aunt Teeter had half of a finger bitten off by a mule. . My mom thinks the name is perfect. She says she's sure Aunt Teeter is cracking up from above somewhere. . I think my grandpa is, too. He used to answer the home phone, "Owen's Horse and Mule Barn," to the embarrassment of the rest of the family. Not sure where he came up with that. (He was the much beloved town doctor.) . Little did he, or anyone else (like my parents who raised me in suburbia and put me through law school when I wanted to go…love ya, Mom and Dad!), know that I'd essentially be running Owen's Horse and Mule Barn one day. . Well, Owen's Mule, Cow, Llama, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Peacock, Bunny and Bee Barn… . Still settling on my farm name…do you think that's too long? ? . #teetertales .

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#throwbackthursday to those days that little Dory gave us so much freaking joy. Missing The Kid !

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