Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Jan. 15


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Jan. 15. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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I went through high school hearing so much about bullying in our school, yet I never felt like I saw it happening around me. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that was never targeted for being different, yet I knew I was WAY different than anyone in my graduating class, hence my reason to ALWAYS be nice to people. 💬 Bullying doesn’t always occur where we see it, but it happens whether we want it to or not, even in the #agindustry. 🐮 The idea of this tee came to me in the middle of the night a good many sleeps ago, and I knew I had to make it a reality. It’s now back in the #HerdMerch section ready for purchase, so I hope you’ll join my small movement to spread some anti-bullying messages with your peers in a fun, ag-related way. 🔻 The link is in my bio to purchase.

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