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Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Jan. 26


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Jan. 26. Want to get listed? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

More Breaking News! Well…it's no longer breaking. It broke yesterday, but I fell asleep just trying to tell y'all about the opossum in the duck coop. . I. Sold. My. First. Animal. Wow, I have a hard time letting them go. I don't intend to sell lots. Just some baby chicks and some roos and things, for necessity's sake. Even chicks will be hard, because I get attached to them inside the egg. And roos I've raised for months? Oh man. But it is for the best…for them AND for the rest of the animals. . This gorgeous fellow is one of my rare breeds – Lavender Orpingtons. I bought 6 chicks from a breeder in July. They grew up to be SO beautiful and sweet. 5 beautiful roosters and 1 beautiful hen, to be exact. Oh no. . My rooster quotient was already too high. So I knew, as soon as they all started crowing and strutting around, that 4 of them would have to go. Luckily, you can actually find buyers for rare roosters, so I held out hope. And didn't name them. . I posted an ad and got a few odd responses that didn't seem like good homes. Nope. No roos for you. Then, like magic, the perfect families started responding! . This guy went to a hilarious, animal-loving, homesteading chick. We just met, but I felt like we were long lost friends. Actually, he was purchased by her lovely little girl to show for 4-H. They picked him up on the way to get her braces. A show rooster and braces in one day! A day to remember, for sure. . Yesterday morning, I gave him a little sponge bath and buffed him up to get him lookin' extra fancy. Then I just held him while I went about farm chores, so I wouldn't have to catch him again when they arrived. And so I could take bittersweet goodbye selfies with him. What's wrong with me? Lol! . These Lavenders are SO personable, though! Like the golden retrievers of the chicken world, only lavender…and they don't retrieve. . The little girl is thinking she'll name him Harold. I love it. . And guess what. This morning, her mom sent me a photo of Harold posing regally on the back of their couch, with the little girl and her brothers hanging out all around doing their schoolwork. Just. Perfect. #happinessforharold .

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A sheepish kinda day #farmlife

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This is my farmer man being asked by @natalinasents why he farms. ~ I've talked about it before and tried to put it in words and photos and at the end of the day, there aren't enough words or photos. ~ Even so, it was sobering and beautiful listening to him explain as best as any farmer can. Because it's not so much what he does, but who he is. And I'm proud as puddin' to be his #farmher, raising our #farmkids together. ~ Natalina was a joy to have in our gator touring "Mudville"and around our table for chili and cornbread tonight. If we don't do anything else good around here, we eat. ? ~ Stay tuned for our feature story and join the movement with us at @whyifarm. Raise your hand if you are thankful for farmers tonight! ? ~ #whyifarm #thisfarmwifefarmlife

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