Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 2, 2020


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I often have people ask how I fit all 3 kids into our swather or tractor. The swather by far is easier! The cab is big and my kids are still small. (7, 5, and 2) ❤️ I do battle with them over leaning against the window-too many horror stories of the window breaking out and not being able to grab kids 😳😳 so Kate and I picked up a camping/stadium seat a few weeks ago and it’s perfect. When they get sleepy it easily folds up and can be moved out of the way, but it allows them a back rest when they are sitting instead of wanting to lean against the window 💜 He likes to say this is MY swather so I’m slowly trying to learn more things about her. Today I blew her out with his help. I get a little more independent each summer, but I’m still grateful for his help! #farmlife #farmliving #swatherdrivinmama #countrygirl #haylife #hayseason #hayseason2020 #alfalfahay #farmkids #ag365 #agdaily #okag #youngfarmers #Americanfarmer #farmwomenstrong

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