Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 6


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for July 6. Want to get listed? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

I want to introduce to you Bo & Luke. These two love the ladies and well the ladies love them. Now these two farm bulls have no shame in their game. They do not like to be tied down and despite our best efforts of teaching abstinence… They get around. Once they get hot on the scent of a cows ovulation, there is no stopping them. Their top lip curls up and they sniff the air until they find "the one". Many people think that cows shouldn't have a baby every year and that farmers like myself are "forcibly impregnating" them but the truth is they want to get bred. In fact, they just stand there while these farm bulls do their thing. Now the thing is… This is going to happen in our barn, in our field or pretty much anywhere. It doesn't matter if we own these animals or if they are living "wild & free". It's nature. They are animals. They are not people. But if you feel like you know what's best and that this shouldn't happen… You are more than welcome to come have "the talk" with these two and see how they respond. They might even want to be rescued from this horrible life of being waited on hand and foot and endless physical relations with the ladies. Heck they might even want to come home with you, sleep in your bed and cuddle up (like the puppy or kitty you took from it's mother you horrible human). After all they are just sweet and innocent creatures.

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My farm girl #farmlife

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I love America, and my horses ?? #agdaily

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